Why Work With Reputable E Cigarette Wholesale Distributors

As a retailer you probably know that finding trustworthy e cigarette wholesale distributors is not an easy task. You need to do a lot of homework and then put in time to assess the suitability of each candidate. In recent years, overseas products have flooded the market putting more responsibility on the shoulders of distributors to ensure product certification and quality. How well they do this could be the difference between the distributors you should prefer and one you should avoid.

Below we discuss the reasons reputable e cigarette wholesale distributors are essential for the success of your business.

Quality of Products

The quality of your products can set you apart from the competition. Faulty mods, kits with missing components or e liquid that has lost flavor can sound the death knell for your retail business. You cannot, under any circumstances, compromise on product quality.

When working with an e cigarette wholesale distributor, they become responsible for sourcing the products from the manufacturers and the issues that come with this responsibility. If you find the right distributor, your quality-related problems go away completely. All distributors are required by legislation to comply with US ROHS certifications. Furthermore, they also have to get products tested in US certified labs so as to meet FDA standards for safety.

What this means is that reputable distributors will be verifying the quality of products supplied by them. If you still have any doubts, you can always contact them, and even visit their premises to see what their quality standards are. A good distributor will always be willing to make the effort of providing you with any explanations and information you need.

Delivery Times

Timing is everything in business. If you are out of stock for your best selling vaping juice brand since your e cigarette wholesale distributor missed the delivery date, you are in a world of trouble. This could mean a substantial loss of business and even clientele. A customer who has to return home empty-handed from your store is a customer who won’t be coming back any time soon.

Reputable distributors have short delivery times and most of them will deliver your order within one business day. Unforeseen circumstances can always cause delays but this should be an exception rather than the rule.

The Best E Cigarette Wholesale Distributor

Getting into business with a reputable e liquid wholesale distributor guarantees a few things. First of all, you can be sure that the products are tested properly and can meet the FDA and ROHS requirements for quality and safety. Secondly, such distributors are easier work with, are cooperative and will always be willing to give you a helping hand to understand recent vaping trends or changes in legislation that affect your business.

wholesale program is a great option whether you are a small retailer or a big conglomerate. We never compromise on our product quality, and are always on top of US regulation. We value long-term relationships and go out of our way to ensure client satisfaction. Get started with your first order today!

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