What’s So Great About 100 VG Juice?

One of the best things about the vaping community is how devoted so many members are to pursuing the highest quality experience they can possibly get. Every year hundreds of new flavors, technologies, and juice formulations are developed by innovative and creative vaping industry pros. One of the most wonderful new products on the vaping market is 100 VG juice, and many vapor-lovers haven’t yet heard the what and why of this awesome style of e-juice. In this article, we’ll explore the great things that VG juice has to bring to the table for those who seek to bring their vaping experience to the next level.

One of the best benefits of top-quality 100 VG juice is how much vapor is produced with barely any throat hit at all. One of the downsides of enjoying vapor products with higher vapor production is that they often come with a strong throat hit that can get irritating over the course of longer vaping sessions. High-VG juices sidestep this downside entirely, letting you enjoy the beautiful, flavorful clouds you love without that irritating throat hit.

Not only does it produce high quantities of vapor, but the vapor produced is known for being smooth and dense. You’ll be able to truly feel the vapor as you exhale and watch the unique motion that can only come from denser vapor.

100 VG juice is also fantastic in that it can be formulated in a manner that is 100% organic. If getting naturally derived, GMO-free products is what you’re looking for, you’ll want to go with VG juice. VG is short for “vegetable glycerin,” which is a naturally occurring chemical that can be obtained from vegetable oils. VG is often used as a natural sweetener and is recognized as an extremely low-risk substance for consumption. In fact, VG is one of the safest substances you’ll encounter in sweet products. Its natural origins mean that it is totally safe for vegetarian and vegan enjoyment.

Finally, if you’re using a sub-ohm coil, you’ll find that high-VG juice is going to give you a better experience. VG liquids are thicker than most other vape juices, which means they’ll play nicer with the more electrically flexible coils of sub-ohm devices.

While VG has been used as a component of juices for a long time, it’s only relatively recent that creative juice-makers have developed 100% VG concentrates. Previous to this, some PG (propylene glycol) was required to ensure that flavoring remained suspended in the liquid. PG as an additive is no longer necessary, and you can enjoy thick vapor, light throat hits, and fantastic flavor all in a 100% organic formula.

If 100 VG juice sounds good to you, take some time to visit Velvet Cloud. Not only do they produce 100% organic formulas, but they’re also incredibly creative with their signature flavors. With custom art and in-house flavor blends, Velvet Cloud is one of the most vapor enthusiast-friendly shops on the web. Check out their awesome catalog today!

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