We Designed Our Wholesale Supply Store To Help Local Vape Shops Succeed

In just past 10 years, the vaping industry has seen meteoric growth. Fierce competition between manufacturers has simultaneously caused an explosion of new supply categories and a drop in wholesale prices. These two factors, in turn, helped to vastly expand the number of prospective customers. Thousands of entrepreneurial vapor enthusiasts saw the amazing opportunity available in this market sector, and opened up their own retail shops.

There are some large, nationally-scaled consumer vape retailers, but the majority of stores are locally owned and managed. These are the business owners we love working with and supporting the most. We have designed our wholesale supplies store to cater to the specific needs of local business owners. Check out how we can help you stock your store to be more popular and profitable.

No Minimum Order Quantities on Our Wholesale Vapor Supplies
One of the largest barriers to entry for smaller vapor shops is raising enough capital to keep a small store properly stocked. What makes it even harder, is that many wholesale suppliers only extend their services and reduced pricing offers to big-budget buyers by implementing a minimum order quantity (MOQ) rule. Essentially, if you do not have the money for a $10,000 order, they do not want to work with you. We understand how frustrating this is and how negatively it impacts local vape shop owners.

Why should you be forced to order 200 sub ohm tanks to get wholesale pricing when you only project to sell 20 in a month? To ensure everyone has access to wholesale prices, we do not have any minimum order quantity for any of our vape supplies. That means you can allocate your budget to only the products you need. We want the budding entrepreneurs to be just as competitive as anyone else, and our policy offers that chance.

Stay Supplied With the Latest Vapor Innovations
The easiest way to stay competitive in this constantly changing industry is to stay stocked with the newest vape supplies. Offering the most innovative vape accessories is a sure way to attract new consumers, foster repeat sales and strengthen customer loyalty.

Our wholesale supply website is constantly updated with respected manufacturers’ mods, e-liquids and any other product category you could imagine. Our passion for offering the best vaping products combined with our lack of MOQ make it easy for any shop to stay stocked with the newest merchandise.

Our Staff Will Work With You to Maximize Your Wholesale Supply Order
Everyone we hire is a vapor fanatic. They are obsessed with staying on top of industry trends and love to share their knowledge with anyone who asks. Whether you have questions about how a product works or what will be popular next month, our staff will enthusiastically help you build the most effective wholesale supply order for your shop.

Start filling your store’s wholesale order today with vast and affordable vape supplies. If you have any questions about products or special offering, send us a message and we will work with you to get exactly what your store needs.

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