Ways to Improve the Taste of Your E Liquid Flavors

One of the most common issues vaper’s face is that their e liquid flavors no longer taste as good as they once used to. Is it possible to improve the taste and potency of an e liquid? It is to some extent, but you are also reliant on the quality of e liquid you are using. You can’t expect to buy e liquids with fluctuating quality from a subpar brand and then expect them to match the consistency of premium gourmet flavors.

Having said this, there are ways to make your e liquid flavors stronger and more appetizing. There are a number of potential issues that could be causing the problem. Identify and fix those issues and you will most likely improve the taste.

Problems With Your E Liquid Flavors
Let’s start by talking about your e liquid flavors. Make sure that you are using liquids from a reliable source, one with a reputation for providing consistent products. Another factor to consider is how freshly prepared your e liquid is. At The Vape Mall, we prepare fresh orders at the time they are placed and deliver the same day. What this means is that you get e liquid that hasn’t been steeped long enough. Your best bet would be to let your new e liquid flavors steep for a day or two before using them. This allows the flavor to settle, which will improve the taste.

The PG/VG ratio could also be affecting the flavor. As you probably know, most e liquids nowadays are a blend of PG and VG. The PG part dictates how strong a flavor is. Increasing the PG content might give you what you want. An 80/20 PG/VG ratio is bound to give your taste buds something to enjoy. At the Vape Mall you can select your own PG/VG ratio for every order.

Faulty Vaping Equipment
If everything seems fine with your e liquid flavors, if you are sure that the consistency of the product is not the problem, it is time to turn your attention to your vaping equipment. Faulty or improper equipment can adversely affect the vaping experience. Only a few tweaks here and there could easily improve the flavor drastically.

Most tanks available in the market come with silica wicks. This is not a problem in itself, but some longtime vapers tend to use organic cotton instead. Cotton wicks burn better and deliver more flavors. Also replacing your plastic tanks with glass ones may do the job. Plastic tends to react with e liquids and alter their flavor.

If that doesn’t work, try switching to a dual coil tank. In such setups, since there are two coils, more liquid is in contact with them. This produces more vapors and more flavors.

E Liquid Flavors at The Vape Mall
The Vape Mall is an expert in providing inexpensive e liquid flavors that deliver above and beyond your expectations. Our flavors do not vary, and you can expect consistent quality at all times. We allow you to customize your order by choosing your preferred PG/VG ratio and nicotine strength so that you can get your desired flavor from our e liquids. Take a look at our offerings and order with confidence that we have your back.

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