Wax to the Max

I think we can all agree that we love vaping. Remember the days before vaping, when enjoyment of dry herbs was restricted to pipes and papers only? That was great and all, but let’s be real, it feels so good to have options – and what an abundance of options we have these days! We can still enjoy dry herbs any time we want, but now we can choose to enjoy concentrates of oil or wax, with cooler and more impressive vape mods hitting the market almost every time we blink. Vapaura is always staying on top of improvements, advances, and new releases on the market. If you’ve only tried dry herbs or oil, why don’t you dabble with wax a bit? There are a ton of impressive and high-performing wax vapes available – let us suggest one of the best!

Pulsar Apx Wax Vaporizer
The Pulsar Apx Wax Vaporizer is easily one of our favorite vapes designed for wax. This mod manages to pack incredible power, durability, and innovation into a small, discreet, and aesthetically pleasing design. The materials combined to create this thing of beauty are all top-of-the-line. First off, you have an incredible Triple Quartz Coil atomizer and a large, 100% authentic quartz chamber that creates smooth, milky clouds with every hit. It also has Dual Quartz Rod Ribbon Twist Kanthal Coil atomizer with the Barb Coil. The Barb Coil is constructed with thick steel and high quality quartz, allowing for efficient maximization of flavor in your hit. Additionally, the 510-threading design makes it compatible with any 510-threaded device – though we’re sure that, once you try the Pulsar Apx Wax Vaporizer, you won’t want to use anything else! Did we mention that it uses an 1100 MAH Lithium-Ion powered battery? Charge it up and this vape is good to go with you to hit the beach, paint the town, or socialize with friends (though we should warn you, they will probably be jealous of your killer new vape).

We seriously love this vape (like you haven’t figured that out already), but we feel we would be remiss not to mention that we also sell a great number of other awesome wax vapes for your leisurely perusal, including the Vaporite Ruby Vaporizer, Cloud V Platinum Vaporizer, Delta9 Omicron Lite Vaporizer, Kandypens Executive Vaporizer, and the Atmos Jewel Vaporizer – just to name a few. Like we said, it’s just nice to have options, right?

If you haven’t yet tried a wax vape, there is no time like the present! We just thank our lucky stars that we are enjoying such a golden age of vaping, whether we choose to enjoy oil, wax, or dry herbs. If you would like more information on the Pulsar Apx Wax Vaporizer, or on anything relating to vaping, holler at your friends here at Vapaura. We offer live chat and phone customer service options, or you can always shoot us an email. We would love to hear from you! And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates, promotions, and specials!

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