When You Want the Best Tobacco and Menthol E Juice

When it comes to putting things inside of one’s own body, everyone becomes very involved in what ingredients are used and the process in which things are made. While this is especially true when it comes to food, the same thing can also be said about vapor juice. There are all kinds of companies out there who claim to specialize in creating the best e juice available on the market. However, with so many options come so many headaches. It can be overwhelming trying to pick and choose between all of these different companies. This is where I can help. I’ve narrowed down the lengthy list of e liquid suppliers to one brand that does it best: Velvet Cloud.

Velvet Cloud has been around for a little bit over five years and already is a huge force in the industry. They started out in San Francisco and made a name for themselves by introducing unique, gourmet e juice flavors to the vaping world. Their flavors range from fruit to dessert, unflavored, tobacco, and menthol flavored e juice.

What makes them so special is that all of their e juice is made in ISO7 labs with hand-selected, vegan friendly ingredients that are free from preservatives, GMOs, gluten, sweeteners, and added coloring. On top of that, they also make their e juice exclusively VG. They know that some people can have allergic reactions to PG so they make their e juice exclusively VG so that their exotic and elaborate flavors can be enjoyed by everyone!

Now that you know a little bit about the company, let me tell you about their tobacco and menthol flavored e juice.

Blue Beard
This Virginia and honey cured tobacco flavored e juice is mixed with blackberry and blueberry for a delectable taste you won’t forget!

Burley Beard
For those tobacco loving vapers, Velvet Cloud offers this pure Flu-Cured Kentucky leaf based tobacco blend that is rich and thick for a simple, smokey taste I know you’ll love!

Mt. Shasta Frost
Are a menthol lover? Then this flavored e juice is just for you! With no tobacco or other base flavors, this menthol based e juice is mixed with peppermint, spearmint, and other mints for a pure mentholated experience that will leave your mouth minty fresh and cool.

White Beard
Remember those days when Grandma gave you butterscotch flavored lifesavers while Grandpa smoked in the background? Well, this e juice will bring back memories you thought were long gone. With the finest blend of natural tobacco with butterscotch and custard, this vapor juice will be a great day-long vaping companion.

So, if you’re searching for the best tobacco and menthol flavored e juice, Velvet Cloud should be your go to. With the tastiest tobacco and menthol flavors, succulent fruit flavors, and sweet dessert flavors around, Velvet Cloud should not only be in your pocket, but also the pocket of all your vape enthusiast friends! So get your own and pass the word along; you’ll be thanked!

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