Velvet Cloud, You Should Be Proud

One of the marks of a good company is truly caring for your product. Velvet Cloud shows this same care with every element of their business. From the start of the company, they have consistently shown that that have a real love for making artisanal high VG juice. They insist on using only the best practices so they can offer you the best possible product. Using wholesome ingredients and a real appreciation for their customers, Velvet Cloud is the best choice for you.

Any good chef knows that if you use the best quality ingredients for your dishes, you will have a far superior end product. The same can be said for e-juice. Velvet Cloud uses the best quality ingredients to make their high VG juice. Their base is made up of pure USP vegetable glycerin, nicotine (if that is desired), and just a tiny bit of water to ensure the smoothest hit possible. On top of these wholesome ingredients, they use flavoring elements for classic recipes that are also derived from the most pure sources available. Their flavorings are made without any of the problematic ingredients found in a lot of today’s e-juices, such as added sugars or colors, GMOs, gluten, or any animal products. They get the delicious flavors such as Catherine the Grape and Burley Beard from using the best of the best, which in turn give you the best of the best.

In addition to having the best high VG juice available, they care about their customers. They know that they have achieved their success when people people like you love what they make, and they give that love right back. Starting out in San Francisco as the local artisanal vape store that it needed, they found great success very quickly. People simply loved their product and they wanted more of it. They knew they needed to expand, but they did not want to leave behind their beloved town, so they kept the business local. Now they still have a home base set up in San Francisco but they have expanded to sell their products in all 50 states and then some. They offer wholesale to vape shops around the country, so people that have never been to California can still experience the wonderful flavors of e-juice provided by Velvet Cloud. If you are vaping in New York, Seattle, D.C., or even in Canada, you can still experience the fantastic flavors available. With an excellent staff of well versed individuals, their customer service is top notch and they show every day that they care greatly for their customers, and about getting their products in your hands as soon as possible.

Looking for a really great product is difficult sometimes, but Velvet Cloud takes out all the guesswork. Using only the best ingredients to make their high VG juice, and having some of the most customer value of any vape company today, you know you will always get a winner when you order from them. Pick up a bottle with one of their cute cartoons today and you will be immensely satisfied.

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