Vapor Juice Wholesale from Kingdom Vapor Will Fuel Your Vape Business

Kingdom Vapor is a high-quality wholesale e cigarette distributor that provides our customers with the best vape juices in the industry. We are known for selling vapor juice wholesale to vape and tobacco shops around the country since 2012. We always make sure that our customers are fully satisfied so we will stay connected to you after your purchase. We also do not require a minimum purchase quantity, so that you can make the best decisions for you and your company to find the best products for the best price. Kingdom Vapor is designed to help you open up your own vape shop if you want, or just be the reliable and high-quality supplier you need. We have your back for all things electronic cigarette.

We sell a wide selection of different vapor juice wholesale which means you can carefully select the option that is best for you. We have 100ML e-liquid, 60 ML e-liquid, and Nic Salt e-liquid, and each comes with a wide array of flavors. We also have kits, mods, tanks, coils, and accessories to match. Our e-liquids are made up of propylene glycol (PG), Vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine, and flavoring agents, which makes them safe, efficient, and taste good. PG is commonly used in industrial air filtration systems to reduce bacteria, and VG is usually used in fog machines, which is why our vape liquids produce thick, white clouds. Luckily, not all of our e-liquids contain nicotine, so if you have customers that prefer no nicotine, you can have options for them too. Our flavoring agents are the same ingredients found in candy, soda, or gum, so it tastes like the real deal.

Our vapor juice wholesale is always made in a clean and highly supervised facility and are well trusted with brands like Keep it 100, Stix, Lemon Twist, and Sad Boy. Our best-selling 100ML e-liquid is by Keep It 100. Keep It 100 e-liquids come in twelve different flavors, such as Blue Slushie Lemonade, Strawberry Milk, Mallow Man sugar cookie flavor, and including a limited-edition Apple Cider Donut. Delight your customers with something different, yet tasty with Ferrum City’s Cereal Monster line. Try Blooberry, Choculate, Scary Berry, or Lucked Up as a different way to vape. It’s like your childhood breakfast nostalgia, but in a vape on the go wherever and whenever you want it.

Our best-selling Nic Salt e-liquid is Pod Drops in 30ML bottles. The flavors range from Fruit Cup, Fruit Freeze, Katy Peary, Mad Mint, and Vanilla Tobacco, so you can have a wide array of flavors ready to sell that will please all different palates. Pair these Nic Salts with a SMOK Infinix pod system, just fill up the empty pod with a tasty Nic Salt e-liquid and vape with ease anywhere. The Infinix is unlike other vape batteries, as it uses a draw-activated mechanism, so no button is needed during the inhale. It is a smooth and safe way to consume our nicotine e-liquids and makes it easier than ever. Order your vapor juice wholesale from Kingdom Vapor today to create happy customers with top quality juices.

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