Vape in Style with New Flavors

If you’ve been vaping nicotine for a while, or if you are new to vaping, we would like to tell you about a new way to vape where you can reach your level of satisfaction quickly and more comfortably. Vaping is already a satisfying activity. Both the nicotine that you get from the vapor and the variety of flavors you can choose make it enjoyable. Additionally, the social aspect of vaping is another benefit of the activity, as it is pleasant to join other vapers and relax. But that whole experience of vaping can be improved by this new line of nic salt ejuice offered through SaltBae50.

The idea and the product for nicotine salt ejuice have been around for a while, but only now has it started to come out onto the market. Basically, this product will make for an easier hit and a faster reaction compared to freebase nicotine. There are differences between the nicotine salt found in SaltBae50’s ejuice and the traditional nicotine in other ejuices. The traditional vaping juice has a higher pH, which leads to higher alkalinity. This increase in alkalinity leads to a harsher throat-hit, causing people to need to vape at smaller amounts than they may need. Benzoic acid, in nicotine salt e liquid, has an opposite reaction. It lowers the pH levels of the nicotine, reducing alkalinity and resulting in a smoother vaping experience. Therefore, the whole process becomes even more pleasant and enjoyable.

Not only this, but because nicotine salts are smoother, you can use higher concentrations of nicotine along with higher power devices. With traditional e liquid, for example, we don’t recommend anything higher than 6mg on a typical device, because the high output can make the sensation on the throat very uncomfortable. However, with a 20mg salt e liquid, this does not become an issue. The nicotine in nic salt e liquid hits the body faster allowing you to vape less while feeling more. All in all, the lower levels of nicotine mean higher satisfaction overall, with fewer, easier hits. Who wouldn’t want to improve these aspects of their vaping experience? We know we would!

The products at SaltBae50 are ones you should definitely not pass up. There is nothing better than the satisfaction of vaping. We didn’t think it could get better, but nicotine salt ejuice truly does improve upon the entire nic salt vaping experience. There is no denying that a stronger and smoother product results in a more enjoyable experience. And with this product, we can vape more concentrated liquids, use less of it, and reach satisfaction quicker. We invite you to check out the inventory at SaltBae50. Inside their website, they have many different flavors of e liquid and more product information that can help you make the transfer over to this new, smooth method of vaping. Visit them online today to learn more and let them help you get started with the perfect new flavors you are sure to love! They’re always happy to help!

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