Understanding and Choosing the Right Vaporizer Mouthpieces

You’ve got your first vaporizer, you’ve got your materials, and now you want to customize your experience.  Why not your mouth starts with the mouthpiece, the first part of the kit will actually make contact with?  It may surprise you to find out that vaporizer mouthpieces actually come in a lot of different shapes and styles.  The level of customizability really is extensive, so you can follow this guide to get an idea of what might be a good fit for you and your vaporizer.

Before you begin shopping for vaporizer mouthpieces by style, you’ll want to make sure that you’re exploring models that are compatible with your vaporizer.  While some companies design mouthpieces that are compatible with many vaporizers, some designs are only compatible with a very specific vaporizer.  Take the time to double check before you buy.

Once you’ve found mouthpieces compatible with your vaporizer, it’s worth considering your personal desires in your vaping experience.  First off, we will explore the “whip” style mouthpiece.  Whip style mouthpieces are long, flexible lengths of tubing tipped with either glass or rubber that pull a lot of air over your vaping materials.  Whips are good for hands free vapes, and can often be compared to the experience of hookah.  Whips are easy to pass from person to person, so if social vaping is your thing, consider getting a whip-style mouthpiece.

Another popular style mouthpiece is the “stem” or “extended” style mouthpiece.  These are longer than the default mouthpieces that come with most vaporizer starter kits.  Unlike the whip-style mouthpieces, these are rigid, meaning that you can use stem-style mouthpieces much like their default piece, but without having to lift the vaporizer near to their face.  These are generally designed for pen or handheld-style vaporizers.  Some stem-style mouthpieces simply serve as an extension of the original mouthpiece and still allow the attachment of different tips.

Tips themselves have a lot of variety, and many mouthpieces are mostly just a tip that screws into a tank or a mount.  As a result, there are a number of variable tips that can deliver a different vaping experience.  Some tips are simply open cylinders (many default tips are designed in this style,) providing a very large intake for vapor.  While many people find this a fine experience, you might desire something that is more pleasing to the touch or that controls the vapor stream better.  For this, a tapered or hourglass shaped mouthpiece might be best.  In addition to being pleasant to the touch, hourglass-shaped mouthpieces have a very appealing and classy look.  If you prefer a more stylized appearance for your pen vaporizer, for example, an hourglass shaped mouthpiece is probably best for you.

The last type of mouthpieces that you might find useful is disposable mouthpieces.  These are simple, usually silicone tips that can be swapped out for hygienic purposes.  Some are even designed to slide over multiple shapes of tip! Want to explore your options? Email us today at support@vapaura.com!

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