Top 7 Best Glass Pipes – Where to Buy Them?


A ‘Glass Pipe’ is exactly what it sounds like. It’s made out of glass and is designed for smoking cannabis, tobacco, and herbs. It’s a little different from wooden or clay pipes.

The best thing about glass pipes is they do not alter the smoke flavor. Therefore, if you are looking for an authentic, uncontaminated smoking experience that retains all the original flavors; a glass pipe is what you need to invest in.

Why Are They So Popular?
The reason why glass pipes are gaining popularity is that not only they look aesthetically appealing, they’re also designed to be functional. Moreover, the colors and the variety of styles is practically endless. You can stick with as simple or as complex/visionary designs as your heart desires. Check out Big Daddy Smoke to shop for an endless variety of glass pipes.

The most popular category under glass pipes is the hand pipe which looks much like a glass tube. Another one is called bubblers that comes with a double/triple chamber and an ice reservoir for cooling down the smoke.

In this post, we’ve enlisted the top 7 glass pipes to pick from. We did it to save you the trouble of doing the research:

#1 – Marley Glass and Walnut Wood Bubbler
Crafted meticulously using high-grade glass and walnut wood; this particular bubbler from Marley Natural should be your go-to preference if you’re big on aesthetics and durability. It’s not just a beautiful looking pipe; it’s equally functional too.

It’s unlike any other glass pipe or bubbler you’ll see in the market. This is a beautiful hybrid of wood and glass. It looks stunning and the hit you’ll get would be just as stunningly pleasurable. The pipe flaunts a deep reservoir to hold the water, a side carb which is super convenient to grab onto, and a medium-sized bowl. It’s truly one of a kind of glass pipe to ever get your hands on.

#2 – The Avocado Hand Pipe
It’s hard not to talk about this particular hand pipe when we’re looking at the best and the most interesting ones in the stock. If you buy this little baby, it’s sure to be an excellent conversation starter for your next smoking session.

This bad boy comes from the factory of the Empire Glass Works based out of California. One of the highlighting features of the Avocado Hand pipe is that it comes with a deep ‘pit’ to store your herbs in. There’s the thumb carb for easy handling. It’s also appropriately sized to make sure it fits like a dream in your hands.

#3 – Helix Glass Pipe
One of the most futuristic hand pipes is the Helix range from Grav Labs. it’s designed to be wild for good reasons. For one thing, it will give you hits that are smooth enough to make you fall in love with it instantly. The quality of glass that went into making these is also top-notch.

There are the angled microholes fitted along the ‘Venture Chamber’. These microholes will generate smoke akin to a swirling hurricane that went through a breeze of fresh air to give you all the right flavors in just the right amount. Don’t be surprised if you fall for it at first sight. It’s surely a must-have item in your smoking collection.

#4 –18″ Steam Roller from Grav Labs
Being 18” inches in size, this is a big boy on the block. This particular steam roller will keep your party going for more than you would expect. This monster-size product may look deceivingly small in the photos, but it’s actually well-sized.

This is again a master creation from the Grav Labs and it comes with a little ‘feet-like’ structure to hold it upright. There’s the removable down/bowl stem, a thick borosilicate glass, and a huge end carb. If you are someone who particularly enjoys the experience of using a steam roller, go for it.

Trust us when we say, you will not regret buying it. It’s clearly one of the best cannabis pipes you will find in the market.

#5 – Empire Glassworks Galaxy Spoon Pipes
Yes, we’re talking about the famous Galaxy Spoon Pipe. How could it not make the list! This one is truly one of a kind considering it features multiple glass planets alongside the UV reactive sun and stars. The styling and the looks alone of this product will make you fall in love with it.

This is yet another offering by the company that’s designed to give you a totally unique smoking experience. The bowl for storing cannabis is nice and big.

#6 – Marley Glass – Walnut Wood Spoon Pipe
This particular glass pipe is made through the hand-blown technique. Highly sustainable walnut wood has gone into the crafting of this baby. This is nothing short of a beautiful work of art which is sure to get you a ton of compliments just for the aesthetics alone.

The pipe is sized perfectly at 4.5 inches which makes sure it rests comfortably in your hand all the while enabling the glass spoon to resist the heat. This is clearly one of the best smoking pieces to add to your collection.

Both the quality construction and the sophisticated looks are two major winning highlights of this piece. What’s more, you can break it down into two pieces for easy cleaning.

Let this be a conversation starter at your next get-together with friends.

#7 – Boo Glass Tentacle Spoon Pipe
Get ready to be the talk of the party the next time people find you holding this classy looking high-end glass pipe in hand.

BOO Glass has done an amazing job coming up with this particular product seeing how it captures attention with its tentacles. The suction cups on this baby along with a generously sized bowl are some of the highlights to appreciate. There’s also a side thumb carb for easy handling.

On top of everything, you get a range of colors to pick from. It’s made from scientific-grade, thick borosilicate glass. Every single tentacle boasts of an excellent finish. The pipe length stands at five inches.

In Conclusion
Glass Pipes are everything an avid smoker wants. Style, aesthetics, functionality and a touch of class; it’s the perfect recipe for an out-of-world smoking experience.

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