The Best Wholesale Vape Mods for Your New Vape Retail Business

Vapers, regardless of them being beginners or pros, indulge in vape mods to add an extra layer of performance and customization to their vaping experience. With that in mind, it is imperative that as a retailer you should stock the best and most popular wholesale vape mods available in the market.

But in 2017, how do you know which vape mods to carry in your new retail store? The choice isn’t as simple as it seems. There are so many wholesale vape mods to choose from that making the right choice may seem mind-boggling. There are beginner-friendly, regulated mods as well the expert level mechanical mods. The fact is you need to know your target customer to be able to make the right choice.

If you are just starting out, it’s best if you try and cater to both types of users. Do your research and find out which mods are popular. Talk to your wholesaler, they should be able to guide you too. Kingdom Vapor offers a huge range of wholesale vape mods and has a reputation for going out of their way to help clients. The key is to make sure that you stock time-tested, popular vape mods that will always be in demand. Go with simpler, more economical mods. You can’t risk one hit wonders or mods that are be too difficult to operate for users since buyers for these will be less.

Must-Have Wholesale Vape Mods
The Wismec Predator 228W is one of the more popular and reputable wholesale vape mods. It is perhaps is one of the best values for very powerful mod on the market. With dual-18650 variable voltage and a high-performing battery, in addition to being user-friendly, it offers a great array of features. Bonus points for having a sleek, stylish look and a robust build. For the price, the Wismec Predator offers an unparalleled combination of performance and power.

Another must-have vape mod is the Smok AL85 Kit. It is a truly one-of-a-kind beginner’s mod, with a superlative 85W output and the capability to work with 0.1 ohms resistance. It has a micro-USB port located conveniently on the side for charging, and a long-lasting 18650 battery. The OLED display screen that allows users to check battery and power settings is the cherry on top.

For something to satisfy your old school customers, go with a bottom-feeder mod. These mods contain small bottles inside, which when pressed pushes the liquid into the RDA. Kanger Dripbox has been doing remarkably well recently and connecting with both newbies and old-timers. It is one of those wholesale vape mods that could help drive in new clientele.

Wholesale Vape Mods from Kingdom Vapor
Buyers today are looking for quality regulated mods as well as mechanical vape mods. From high-powered vaporizer mods to mechanicals, there is no shortage of options at Kingdom Vapor. What sets our wholesale vape mods apart from the rest is their performance, stability and reliability. You need a wholesaler you can trust; a wholesaler you know will always provide quality products. We are it. No MOQs, no delivery time delays. Contact Kingdom Vapor and start building your vape store today.

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