The Tastiest and Most Wholesome High VG Juice from Velvet Cloud

If you ask any of the best chefs in the world, they will agree that in order to make the best dishes you need to start off with the best ingredients. This exact same principle is applied to the high VG juice produced by Velvet Cloud. They use some of the best and naturally-sourced ingredients to create e juice that will satisfy your nicotine craving quickly and in a wholesome way. These great ingredients also end up being the tastiest flavors in the entire world of high VG e liquid. With the combination of satisfaction from nicotine and the delicious flavors from Velvet Cloud, you know you are getting the absolute best.

Wholesome ingredients are a necessity for any product that you plan on ingesting. The high VG juice from Velvet Cloud used the best ingredients possible. They start off their base e juice with pure vegetable glycerin, and they add in nicotine for those who want that option. To this base, they then add just a touch of water to give the smoothest and most satisfying puffs for their users to enjoy. Then they add in the flavor. With options like Night Shift, Harvest Berry, Nutty Cookie, Summer Sweet and more, their e juice is some of the best e juice you could choose. The ingredients they use never have any GMO’s, added sugars, gluten, added sweeteners, or any products that have been derived from or tested on animals. This way you know no matter what flavor you choose you can rest easy knowing you are getting the most wholesome formula possible.

Not only do these fantastic ingredients give you something satisfying without using negative elements, but also makes for the most satisfying flavor profiles. Velvet Cloud has a perfect choice no matter what type of tastes you are craving. If you want something traditional that will be an easy switch from whatever method of nicotine consumption you are used to, you can choose from their Tobacco and Menthol options like Blue Beard, Burley Beard, White Beard and more. Once you are ready to move onto the sweeter things, there are some fantastic fruit and dessert flavors for you to choose from. Flavors like Night Shift and Frosted Gingerbread give you the sugary taste you crave at the end of a long day without the added sugar. If you want something fruitier, you can buy a bottle of Catherine the Grape or Strawb-Gwab for the sweet satisfaction without the sugary sweetness of desserts. Regardless of what you prefer, you are sure to find something you like at Velvet Cloud.

Velvet Cloud creates some of the most incredible products in the world with their max VG e liquids. They use the best ingredients on the market to make the most wholesome vape juice bottles possible. These ingredients also happen to create some of the most delicious flavors that will give your palate exactly what it is looking for while also satisfying your craving for nicotine, if you so prefer. If you are looking for the best product to put into your vape pen, look no further than the best of the best made by Velvet Cloud.

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