Sweet Summertime Vaping

As the weather warms up and the sun shines upon us, we’re happy to take our portable vapes outdoors. What’s better, on a glorious summer day, than enjoying a picnic with some friends? More and more people are reaching for organic produce, gluten-free beer, and vegan snacks – and we get it, because we’re doing the same thing with vaping! Many of us are preferring products made with simple, honest ingredients – so why should we treat vaping any differently? Velvet Cloud applies these same standards to our e-liquids. With e-juice free of gluten, artificial sweeteners, GMOs, coloring, and sugar, we have you covered to enjoy the purest, most natural vaping experience possible this summer.

Before we tempt you with the yummy flavors we have to offer, let us provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that they are manufactured according to the highest standards. All of our e-liquid varieties are made at Molecule Labs. We selected this top-of-the-line source because they easily meet all of the American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association’s requirements – they use only the highest quality VG, maintain a clean manufacturing environment, ensure tamper-proof packaging, and accuracy of content. They manufacture e-liquids in an ISO7 clean room, using semi-automatic filling machines to guarantee the purest production of e-liquid. You could say that it’s a pretty sweet setup.

Thanks to such top-of-the-line manufacturing practices, our VG (vegetable glycerin) juice doesn’t need any artificial sweeteners – it’s naturally sweet already! Its natural flavor only enhances the complex and unique flavors Velvet Cloud has created. Just like we love hitting up our local farmer’s market for some delicious and flavorful produce, we love to enjoy tasty e-juice flavors without worrying about weird, unnatural ingredients. We’re confident that you’ll love our scrumptious e-juice, too.

Vape with a taste of summer with our premium fruit e-juice. These blends, made with gourmet fruits, are sure to please your palate. Catherine the Grape pairs grape sweetness with a touch of black currant tartness for a distinct and satisfying flavor. If you prefer something a bit tangier, our Harvest Berry incorporates hints of blueberry, raspberry, strawberry and cherry that is all at once sweet, tart, and refreshing. Melonomenon serves up a cool, mild taste with cucumber, honeydew, and peach creating a smooth combination. Strawb-Gwab has an exotic and bright taste, with tart strawberry and rich guava complementing each other perfectly. Our Peach Tea flavor allows you to enjoy a summer classic through your vape. But the ultimate vaping summertime treat is our Summer Sweet. This delectable flavor brings notes of raspberry, watermelon, lemon, and sweet tea together for a sweet, refreshing taste. Keep things fun and fruity with any of these enticing premium fruit e-juice varieties!

If those flavors somehow didn’t whet your appetite, you can check out our other flavor categories, including Dessert, Tobacco and Menthol, and Unflavored. We’re confident that you’ll find the perfect flavor to savor this summer. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay informed of our latest and greatest flavors. For more information, please reach out us at info@velvetcloud.com; we’re happy to answer any questions you might have about our yummy VG e-juice products!

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