Stock up on the Hottest Wholesale Vape Mods of 2017

As a retailer, stocking up on the right wholesale vape mods is perhaps one of the toughest things you have to do. There are so many different types to choose from that it can become impossible to know which ones will sell well. Your best bet would be to stick with mods that are trending and proving to be hot sellers.

Look for the best wholesale vaping mods for the year. Its quality and consistency you want along with a proven track record of success. At Kingdom Vapor, we have exactly what you need.

SMOK Wholesale Vape Mods
SMOK Tech continues to dish out vape mods that capture the imagination of vapers all across the world. One mod that is making waves is the Smok Alien. This 220W kit with dual 18650 batteries has a reputation for boasting some of the newest and most breathtaking features today. From coil ramp up settings to temperature control, the Alien makes the vaping experience as customizable as possible. There is nothing vapers love more than to be able to experiment with their equipment, and the Alien is all about that.

The kit comes with a Smok TFV8 Baby Beast tank, which in itself is a hot seller. An extra Q2 and T8 coil for the tank and a few other accessories complete the kit. We carry the complete range of colors as well including Gunmetal, Black/Red, White/Red, Silver, Champagne and Orange.

If you liked what you read about the Smok Alien, you should also look at the Smok AL85 Alien Baby Kit. The kit has all the functionality of the Alien but in a much smaller package. This compact size of the AL85 has made it an absolute must for fans of Smok. It has a single 85-watt battery with all the settings of the original including temperature control. The kit comes with a TFV8 Tank equipped with a Q2 coil. A spare Q2 coil is provided for replacement along with a USB cable for charging.

Wismec Wholesale Vape Mod
Wismec has recently launched its new Wismec Predator 228 mod. Because of its similarity to the Alien, the Predator is proving to be stiff competition. Many vapers have been convinced by the slightly increased power of the Predator. Its large screen is proving to be a game changer too. It can match the Alien with its dual 18650 batteries and smooth controls, it really enters its element due to its sleeker, more elegant look. Available in black, stainless steel or gold, the Wismec Predator brings style and substance together in perfect harmony. That is something vapers cannot ignore.

Quality Is Guaranteed at Kingdom Vapor
Kingdom Vapor is your best bet for high-end wholesale vape mods at incredible value for money prices. We have a wide variety of the most popular and trending vape mods on offer including the Smok Alien, Smok AL85 and Wismec Predator. They will outperform and outlast anything else in the market. Feel like talking to a real person and find out more, call us on (814) 297-8240. Or you can contact us through our website. It would be our pleasure to help you.

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