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Operating a vape shop comes with its own responsibilities. Keeping up with customer demands, new and changing products and regulations, and finding reputable suppliers that can get you what your customers need are just a few elements of the job description. It’s a well established fact that tastes in e liquids change frequently in tune to customer preferences and popularity. That’s why finding a wholesaler that can reliably keep you in the business of satisfying your customers is a good asset to have on the books. Running a business with a supplier that can do this and also has a staff of approachable and well informed employees would be even nicer. Luckily, such a place is not only real but within easy reach. Kingdom Vapor is the finest wholesale purveyor of vape products around. When you need to keep up with the changes in taste and flavor that accompany the popularity of e liquids, Kingdom Vapor is at the ready. For Wholesale e liquid, trust in Kingdom Vapor to know the market and the ins and outs of the products.

Tastes in e liquid shift with time and with new releases, but expect Kingdom Vapor to carry not only the new and the popular but the classics as well. Among the best sellers are the immensely popular Keep It 100 e liquids, with popular flavors like Blue Slushie and Peachy Punch. Another crowd favorite is King of The Cloud which specializes in interesting flavors profiles featured in blends such as Lunar Harvest, Smokeless Symphony and Black Ice. Also among their best sellers are Pod Drops, Lemon Twist, Sad Boy, and Liquid State, all hot selling and in demand. Highly regarded by customers is Top Drop’s line of fruit themed e liquids. Additionally highly regarded is Kingdom Vapor’s own line of e liquids, boasting flavors such as Cherry Danish and Creme de Menthe.

Not only does Kingdom Vapor keep the most popular wholesale e liquid in stock, they also bring new product to the fray regularly. Among their newest additions are Cookie Cane, Magic Milk, and Blend’d e liquids. They also have championed the popularity of nicotine salts, with featurings such as BMF and the Ripe and Cream collections. Kingdom Vapor is at the front of the market, and as new liquids are released or prove themselves favorite amongst users, Kingdom Vapor is the first to bring them to the table.

It doesn’t stop at e liquid, though, because Kingdom Vapor provides everything that could be needed for the upkeep of a tight and efficient vape shop. You’ll need the best in e liquids, but your customers will also want the vape pens and mods to use them. That, and they’ll want tanks and coils and batteries and accessories to tie it all together, and the good news is that Kingdom Vapor has all these and more, from the hottest, newest, and most trusted brands in the industry.

A bustling inventory and a commitment to the best are not the only attributes that make Kingdom Vapor the defining entity for wholesale e liquids. Kingdom Vapor keeps a staff of well informed and readily accessible members on hand to answer your questions about product and popularity. Their experience and longevity in the industry are testament to their dedication to the pursuit of the ultimate vape and to the care of the customer. At Kingdom Vapor, attention to the customer is a way of business, as is keeping the necessaries of the trade. When you’re ready to make the change, go to or call 814-297-8240 today.

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