Satisfy your Cravings with Natural E Liquid Flavors from Velvet Cloud

Vaping is one of the best ways to enjoy your favorite flavors, be it chocolate desserts or sweet summer fruits, without filling up on calories or having to wait until they’re in season. But, as anyone who’s ever tried fruity candies can tell you, artificially flavored products just never hold up to the real thing. There’s no point in vaping sweet strawberry flavors if they’re only going to taste ‘kind of’ like the fruit, is there? So why use an artificial e liquid when it’s just as easy to buy a natural e liquid from a shop like Velvet Cloud that tastes infinitely better?

One of the biggest mistakes rookie vapers make is picking their e liquid based on the flavor name alone. Fruity Tooty sounds like a great mix of fresh fruit flavors, that is until you take the first hit and are washed over with a rolling cloud of synthetic flavor. As any experienced vaper knows, you never judge a book by its cover, and never judge a flavor by its name. The only way to get a truly delicious flavor experience is to use an e liquid that takes its flavors from natural sources. There are a select few e liquid vendors out there that understand this – don’t be afraid to branch out from your usual shop to find the best tasting natural flavors.

If you’re wondering where to start your search for a natural e liquid, allow us to recommend one of our favorite vendors, Velvet Cloud. Velvet Cloud not only specializes in natural, primarily VG e liquids, but they also take extra care to ensure their e liquids are vegan, GMO-free, and gluten-free, without any artificial colorings or sweeteners to alter the natural flavors of their specialty blends. Their first priority is in making their signature liquids as natural as they possibly can be, and twice as delicious. Velvet Cloud stands out from the crowd both for the careful discretion they use when choosing their premium ingredients and for the wonderful, richly layered flavors they produce, unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else.

Take their aptly named Mewlew’s Magic. A combination of sweet and silky chocolate with thick and creamy butterscotch and rich fudgey goodness, this amazing dessert pudding vape takes all the best things about an indulgent after-dinner treat and magically transforms it into a beautiful billowy cloud of delicious, layered flavor experience. We guarantee this isn’t an e liquid flavor you’ll find anywhere else. It’s rich, layered, and full of a depth that will make you swear you just dove spoon first into the best slice of whip cream and butterscotch topped chocolate pie you’ve ever had.

Mewlew’s isn’t the only magic at Velvet Cloud, either. They have a full range of mind-blowing, delicious desserts, including a warm and creamy Vanilla Custard that tastes just like grandma’s recipe and a fresh baked Frosted Gingerbread flavor that will bring the holiday season straight to your taste buds, no matter the time of year. And of course, no self-respecting provider of natural e liquid flavors could possibly skip out on the fruity flavors that every vaper loves. From grape to melons to berries and everywhere in between, if there’s a flavor you love, you’ll find the best, natural version of it right there in their shop.

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