What Is Salt Nicotine and How Does It Affect Vaping?

A lot has changed in the vaping industry in recent years. Improvements to flavor formulas, vaporizer kits, and accessories have led to a veritable smorgasbord of flavors and styles of vaping. One of the most recent innovations in vaping can be found in the form of vape juice that uses salt nicotine. Salt juices totally change the experience of vaping sessions, especially for those of us who enjoy higher nicotine content juices. It’s natural that many vaping enthusiasts would want to know more about what exactly salt nicotine is. This guide will explore the basics of salt juices and how they affect your vaping sessions.

Part 1 – The Basics
Nicotine salt is nicotine in its naturally occurring form. For most of the history of vaping and nicotine use in general, nicotine was processed and reformulated to become “pure” nicotine, which was then added into juice mixtures to produce the high that many vapers enjoy. So-called “pure” nicotine can be easily absorbed by the body when burned, meaning that the high created by non-salt nicotine is often stronger than that of naturally occurring nicotine. While that might seem like a good characteristic at first, there is more to the equation than raw potency.

In order for the human body to absorb “pure” nicotine, it must be either burned or vaporized. In the process, two often unwanted side effects occur. When burned, non-salt nicotine must be mixed with other ingredients, many of which add unwanted flavors to the vapor. When vaporized, non-salt nicotine raises the acidity of the vapor produced, which is what causes the “throat hit” that many vapers do not enjoy.

Salt nicotine, on the other hand, can be vaporized without significantly raising the acidity of the vapor. With the correct mixture, nicotine salt juices can be highly concentrated, delivering the nicotine high you want without the acidic throat hit that comes with traditional high-nicotine concentrates.

Part 2 – The Benefits
For vapers who buy high nicotine content juices, the throat hit can be a daily experience. While some people enjoy the burning sensation that high nicotine juices bring, many do not, especially those who like to vape more frequently. For frequent vapers, the throat hit can become a painful annoyance that can even lead to coughing, irritation, and, of course, frustration. No one wants to be frustrated while trying to relax with a nice vaping session.

Salt nicotine juices require significantly less juice to deliver high levels of nicotine, and they’re able to do it without the irritating throat hit. Salt nicotine juices are, therefore, more portable, less expensive, and less irritating. Vapers who are looking for medium nicotine levels can take hours worth of vaping with them in their kit without having to worry about a refill. There’s one more benefit, though, that isn’t immediately obvious: flavor flexibility.

Because the acidity is lower, and the throat hit is no longer a problem, vape juice creators have a lot more room for experimentation and craft. Nicotine salt vape juices are now known for their smoothness and their robust flavors.

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