Reliable Wholesale E Liquid Brands Can Help Build Your Store’s Credibility

When deciding which wholesale e liquid brands to stock, it’s always better to focus on a couple that you know are in demand. It is true that demand can be fickle, but as long as you keep an eye on trends and order in small manageable quantities, you should be fine. Another equally important thing is to make sure your wholesaler is reliable in terms of product consistency as well as delivery times. Kingdom Vapor can be that supplier.

As a retailer, you might think that having an extremely diverse range of e liquids is vital. But that’s not always the case. As long as you offer a solid range of exceptional juices and supplement those with high-end customer service, you will be will on your way to a happy clientele. Here are some wholesale e liquid brands that can help you get there.

Wholesale E Liquids That You Can Trust
Coil Candy Creamsaver is a brand new line of e liquid flavors that has made an enormous impression on vapers in a short period of time. With flavors based on those delicious fruit and vanilla cream candies that we all loved when we were kids, this e liquid provides a breath of nostalgic memories with every puff. Sweet, creamy and delicious, Coil Candy Creamsaver has fast become the new darling of vapers everywhere. Available in convenient 60ml bottles, every mouthwatering flavor from strawberry, to blueberry and orange is bound to have them coming back for more.

Another e liquid brand that continues to be popular is the Trop Drops. Vapers love the tropical fruity flavors that make them feel like their taste buds are on tropical paradise. The long-lasting sweetness of fruits never gets old, and Trop Drops are all about providing vapers a fruity blast of happiness. Whether you choose apple juice, blue raspberry, tropical punch or all of them, know that your wholesale e liquid supplies will be better with them. Trop Drops are also available in 60ml bottles.

Finally, let’s talk about a personal favorite, Keep it 100. The name is derived from the 100ml bottles that the liquid is packed in. Vapers who have a sense of adventure love this line. The exciting range of flavors makes it irresistible, while the price point adds to the attraction. There is smoothness of Mallow Man with its fluffy marshmallow taste, the tanginess of strawberry candy that is the Pink Burst or the delicious coming together of strawberries and blueberries in Blue Slushie. Every flavor has its own story.

Kingdom Vapor – Your One Stop Shop for All Your Wholesale E Liquid Needs
Kingdom Vapor is the one stop e liquid wholesale shop for all kinds of retailers. We understand how tough it is to make it in the business and want to help you. Our only objective is to provide quality product at the lowest possible prices. Give us a call at (814) 297-8240 or contact us for more information about our whole e liquids. No MOQ requirement, reliable shipping and a commitment to the cause make use one wholesaler you can trust to have your back.

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