Do You Really Need a 200-Watt Mod?

One thing you’ll notice when shopping for vaping devices online is that power range is often used as a selling point in the marketing of advanced mods. If a device takes two batteries, it’s almost a guarantee that it’ll reach a maximum power of at least 200 watts – and if you’re currently using a device with a maximum power of 50 or even 100 watts, you may find yourself wondering exactly what difference an extra 100 or more watts would make. Do you really need a 200-watt mod? Probably not – but there are several reasons why you might want one. In this article, we’ll explain why a more powerful device might be worth your money. Before you buy your next vaping device, read this article to learn four important reasons why a 200-watt mod may be worth your money – even if you typically vape at lower wattage settings.

Extra Headroom
If you look at reviews analyzing the true wattage output of vaping devices, you’ll find that the output of a device often sags when the device is at the peak of its capabilities. If you always use a 50-watt device at 50 watts, in other words, it’s doubtful that your device can still reach 50 watts when the batteries are partially drained. It’s also likely that your device doesn’t give you great battery life. If you have a 100-watt device, you have a little more headroom because there are many vaping tanks that demand between 50 and 100 watts of power for best operation. There are a few tanks with coils designed for operation at above 100 watts, though, and switching to a 200-watt device will give you access to those tanks.

If you want to use the latest cloud chasing tanks, 50 watts is no longer enough power. A 100-watt device is better, but it still doesn’t supply enough power to take advantage of the latest in atomizer coil technology. Even if you don’t need to cross the 100-watt threshold, though, would you rather have a device that reaches your target wattage easily or one that struggles when you’ve drained the batteries a bit? Extra headroom is the main benefit of using a 200-watt mod. Having a powerful mod means that you don’t need to wonder whether your device can actually output the wattage displayed on the screen.

Better Utilization of Higher-Mass Coils
There are multiple strategies that you can use to build an atomizer coil with a given target resistance. The mesh coils that have recently become so popular have high surface area with low mass. They heat up quickly at relatively low wattages. Other coils – such as nichrome coils and twisted or Clapton coils – have low resistance and high mass. They generate thick, flavorful clouds, but it requires a lot of energy to get them hot. People call the delay between pressing the button and getting vapor from a coil “ramp-up time.” The higher a coil’s mass, the longer the ramp-up time will be – unless you configure your device to give the coil a little help. A good higher-wattage device usually gives you the ability to set a custom wattage curve. When you first press the button, you can have your device deliver a slightly higher wattage that helps the coil warm up. As you continue to hold the button, your device can reduce the wattage to ensure that the vapor doesn’t become uncomfortably hot. Lower-wattage devices can’t use utilize high-mass coils as efficiently and have longer ramp-up times as a result.

Better Battery Life
A vaping device can reach 50 watts – and occasionally a bit higher – with a single battery. If you buy a 200-watt mod, though, you’re going to buy a device that holds two batteries. A few devices even use three batteries. Unless you dramatically increase your vaping wattage, you’ll definitely experience improved battery life when you upgrade to a 200-watt mod because you’ll be using at least two batteries rather than one. The chipsets that control the power delivery of vaping devices also vary in their efficiency. That’s why a lower-wattage device may have trouble reaching the wattage displayed on the screen if that wattage is at the top of the device’s range. If you upgrade to a higher-wattage device without changing the wattage at which you vape, you’ll probably experience dramatically better life because the newer, higher-wattage device will have a more efficient chipset that wastes less energy. The fact that you won’t have to spend so much time waiting for higher-mass coils to ramp up will also contribute to improved battery life. When you’re trying to get a coil to ramp up, you may puff on your device a few times before you get a satisfying amount of vapor. Those ramp-up puffs all waste battery life.

Better Technology and Build Quality
If you’re old enough to remember the megahertz myth in the computer industry, you know that manufacturers of consumer products often use simple numbers as delimiters to help customers understand which products are better than others. Computer quality depends on several factors, and a 2.0 GHz computer isn’t necessarily faster than a 1.5 GHz computer at every task. You can’t use wattage alone as a means of determining which vaping device is best. However, manufacturers do tend to put their best technologies into their highest-wattage mods. A 200-watt mod from a given company might let you set custom wattage and temperature curves, for example, while the same company’s 100-watt mod may not. A higher-wattage mod may also have a more efficient chipset. If you want the mod that’ll have the most interesting gimmicks and the best fit and finish, you’ll find those features in a higher-wattage device.

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