Questions to Ask Before You Choose A Vapor Juice

If you’re planning to stock up on vaping supplies, and you’ve found a great store with vapor juice for sale, there are a few key questions you need to ask yourself. As passionate vaping enthusiasts, we all love good flavor, smooth mouth feel, and long-lasting juice, but getting all three in a single product isn’t always the easiest thing to accomplish. In this guide, we’ll explore the questions you should ask yourself whenever you’re considering a particular vapor juice. Keep reading to learn more:

Question 1 – How Much Nicotine?
Vape juice comes in a wide range of nicotine levels, from 0 nicotine juices designed for those who want flavor without the buzz to high-concentration salt juices that are perfect for those who are used to and seek a stronger high. With so many variable formulas, it’s important to know how much you want. If you’re mainly a flavor seeker, don’t be afraid to buy juices with no nicotine. Otherwise, do a little bit of research in advance. Depending on the type of juice, higher nicotine concentrations can even have different flavors and throat hits, so it’s worth thinking about what level is ideal for you.

Question 2 – What Type of Flavor Do You Like?
If you’re completely new to browsing vapor juices, you might not have a great idea of which types of flavors to choose from. The flavor mixes on the market are as varied as the flavors you’d find in any grocery store – almost every flavor imaginable is becoming reproducible in e-liquid form. Some enthusiasts prefer the rich, yet sharp flavors of tobacco-flavored juices. Others prefer the refreshing sourness of citrus or the creamy smoothness of dessert flavors like strawberry shortcake and chocolate.

In the end, follow your craving! If you’ve got a hankering’ for a particular snack, try and find vapor juice on sale that will fulfill it. You’ll be amazed with the possibilities that modern flavor mixes can bring to the table!

Question 3 – Throat Hit or No Throat Hit?
The “throat hit” is one of the more controversial sensations that vaping can bring. For many, it is most aptly described as a “burning” sensation at the back of the throat, and the right amount of throat hit varies based on individual taste. One downside of the throat hit, though, is that it can make your throat sore over time. For this reason, even people who like a strong throat hit often like to have a smoother vapor juice on hand so they don’t end up with a rough throat.

If you’d like to avoid a throat hit, aim for nicotine salt juice with non-citrus flavors. Nicotine salt juice utilizes a form of nicotine that is considerably less acidic, meaning it doesn’t create that burning sensation upon inhalation. Likewise, avoiding citrus lowers the general acidity of any juice you’d buy, thus reducing the throat hit.

Once you’ve explored these questions, it’s time to choose and make a purchase! So here’s to big clouds and fantastic flavors!

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