Pure VG Liquids You Can’t Miss Out On

Take a moment and think about what you really want in an e juice. What do you want when you take that first hit out of an e juice that you’re excited for? You want smoothness. You want flavor. You want a feeling that makes you want to go back to it again and again. So, what is it you’re looking for? Pure VG liquids with an all-natural taste.

When we create our high VG e juices in our ISO 7 lab, the process involves as many natural ingredients as possible. So, when you purchase a bottle of our very own Peach Tea or any other pure VG liquids from our shop, you’ll be happy to know that no diacetyl was used while making these products. Take that first hit from that gift to yourself and enjoy knowing that our process for crafting your favorite e juice uses no artificial sweeteners.

That’s not all there is to successfully creating pure VG juices. We are big proprietors of keeping animal companions safe and healthy from any testing that may be deemed harmful to them. Therefore, we at Velvet Cloud do consider ourselves a vegan-friendly company and never test our products on any animals. In fact, a portion of our earnings goes towards different charities and non-profits that are involved with animal rescue or general wildlife. We’re always looking for organizations to help out, so, if you happen to know any, feel free to email us and get us in touch with one today!

One thing I can’t emphasize enough is that we have so many flavors to choose from. SO MANY. See for yourself when you browse our site. Maybe you’d like to enjoy that sweet, fruity taste of grapes in our very own “Catherine the Grape”. Or perhaps you prefer pineapple, citrus, and gummies (you did read that correctly, gummies), then try out “Pandamonium” and get that sweet, citrusy taste that will meet your taste buds with an outstanding finish. There is an immense selection of fruity flavors to choose from on our website. If you like getting your sweet tooth in on the fun, then try out our dessert flavor choices. Enjoy the thick, creamy taste of our “Vanilla Custard” or the rich, chocolaty flavors of “Mewlew’s Magic.” Our collection of flavors is vast and extremely diverse. We like to think there is something in our store for everyone to enjoy for the best vaping experience possible.

Everyone working at Velvet Cloud is so passionate about vaping that we’ve made a blog that discusses the different ways it can enrich your life. Whether it’s about building a community or learning more about the art itself, we discuss many of these topics on our very own blog posts. Check them out today to learn more about the cool ways vaping can enrich your lifestyle.

If you have any questions about our pure VG juices, don’t hesitate to reach out! Send us an email at info@velvetcloud.com for a timely response that we will be happy to answer!

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