A New Kind of Vape Juice

Everyday, we push ourselves to try something new. Perhaps you’ve asked a coworker if they’ve tried that new coffee shop that just opened up. Or maybe you’ve decided to make something new and different for dinner. You probably have been relentlessly telling your friends that they have got to stream that new show you binged over the weekend. My point is: we’re always looking for something new. Whether it’s a new hangout, a new hobby, a new favorite song, or a new hairstyle, we like to try things out that we haven’t tried before.

If you’re interested in vaping, or are a vape connoisseur, and want to try something new, consider giving nicotine salt vape juice a shot. Nicotine salt is an increasingly popular way to consume e-liquid. Most vape juices are made with freebase nicotine. This form of nicotine is manmade. It’s the kind of nicotine you’d find in nicotine gums, patches and other supplements. Nic salt, however, is the naturally occurring nicotine found at the source – tobacco. Many people prefer nicotine salt as an alternative e-liquid for a host of reasons. For one, nicotine salt-based vape juices don’t have the same synthetic feeling that can often lead to a scratched feeling in your throat. With nicotine salt e-liquid, you get a smoother feeling when you inhale. In addition, you’ll also get more flavor from your nicotine salt vape juice. Many vape users have noticed that nicotine impacts the flavor of their e-liquid. While this may be true for freebase nicotine, nicotine salts have way less of an effect on the flavor of the vape juice. You’ll get a fuller flavor without having to sacrifice the satisfaction of consuming nicotine.

On top of that, you’ll absorb nicotine faster when you choose to vape nicotine salt e-liquid. When you absorb nicotine faster, you’re satisfied sooner. This means more bang for your buck. Instead of having to inhale several times before you even get the satisfaction of vaping, you can just take one puff before your needs are met. You won’t have to stock up on vape juice as frequently as you would if you were vaping freebase nicotine vape juice. Nicotine salt also has a longer shelf life than its counterpart. If you’re someone who likes to switch up your vape juice frequently, this should be great news for you. With nicotine salt e-liquid, you can swap out your vape juice and save the rest for much longer than you could with regular vape juice. This is because nicotine salt is less likely to oxidize as quickly as freebase nicotine.

These are just some of the benefits of making the switch to nicotine salt vape juice. In a lot of ways, nicotine salt is a much better way of consuming nicotine than freebase nicotine. The only downside may be that nicotine salt e-liquid is less common, so you may be concerned that you won’t be able to find as many flavors. Fortunately, online retailers like SaltBae50 have dedicated time and resources to creating nicotine salt-based e-liquid in a wide variety of flavors. So if you’re looking for a great alternative e-liquid, nicotine salt is perfect for you to try. Head on over to SaltBae50.com and see the juicy flavor they have available for you, today!

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