Why You Need Eleaf Wholesale Products to Reach More Customers

In today’s ever-changing landscape of buyer attitudes towards vaping, you need Eleaf wholesale supplies to attract new customers and keep longer-serving fans interested.

Eleaf is a brand founded in China that has made a mark in the vaping world due to its commitment to innovation and development of state-of-the-art products that have proven to be trendsetters in the industry.

Why Go for Eleaf Wholesale Products

Vaping as a hobby is still pretty much in its infancy. While it has its many diehard supporters, some who’ve tried it stop because they don’t have the patience for e-cigs due to their short battery lives. In such an environment, retailers need wholesale products that go against the grain and offer something new and exciting. Enter Eleaf.

Eleaf is known for high-end products that offer excellent value for money. They have applied for over 300 technology patents, which shows how committed they are to research, something unheard of when compared to the competition. What this means is that their product range is vast, varied and they give customers something new and innovative every single time. One of their major breakthroughs has been introducing products with longer battery lives.

Which Eleaf Products to Target From Wholesale

When stocking Eleaf products from wholesale, take a look at what’s trending. When you do that, you’ll notice that almost all Eleaf products are extremely popular. Eleaf’s iStick range of kits has something to offer to everyone. One of the most powerful e-cigs they offer is the iPower, which has a 5000mAh battery and 80watt output. Another powerful option is the iStick 200W, which is slightly less expensive, but still gets the job done. iNano is an option for its’ small size and portability. In fact, almost every model from iStick 20W to TC100W has been quite popular over the years.

Your Eleaf wholesale order would not be complete without Eleaf’s range of tanks. Lemo 3 is a master class in development and one that every vaper on the planet would love to try. The iStick range needs no introductions and stands out as a must.

Eleaf has also just recently launched its line of e-liquids. From E-juice to Titus CC, the fruity goodness of Berrylicious and Mango, and the traditional flavor of menthol, there is much to offer. These juices have been designed specifically for Eleaf products, so you need them in your store to complete your line of Eleaf products.

Eleaf Wholesale From Kingdom Vapor

Kingdom Vapor offers the complete range of Eleaf wholesale products including kits, tanks, e-liquids and accessories at the most affordable prices to help you achieve your business goals. Their objective is to make a contribution to the vaping community, and they do this by helping you make the right decision. With customer support working round the clock to assist you in any way it can, you don’t need to look anywhere else for your Eleaf wholesale supplies. Order as little or as much as you want knowing that Kingdom Vapor will meet its obligations every single time.

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