Morning-Inspired Vapor Liquid Wholesale Flavors to Sell

When it comes to vapor liquid wholesale products to purchase for your store, there are plenty of flavors to choose from, each offering a sweet, sour, or savory taste. Each vaper has a different preference of taste, so it’s important to have a variety of flavors. For those customers who begin their vaping early in the day, you should have on stock some flavors that will help your customers start their morning off right. Here are some great morning-ready vapor liquid wholesale flavors that are inspired by breakfast food and drinks.

Perhaps the best morning-inspired flavor of juice to start with is The Essentials’ appropriately titled “Morning.” This juice will taste of a lemon-drizzled donut and croissant – offering a sweet taste of breakfast pastries in your customers’ clouds. Or, enjoy the sunrise with Cosmic Fog’s “Sonrise” e juice, which will transport you to a sunny morning on a tropical island. The delicious flavors of passion fruit, kiwi and pineapples will start your day off right and keep you vaping far past the morning!

To accompany a bowl of cereal, or to replace one, your customers can choose a cereal-inspired flavor to vape in the morning. There are a couple different kinds of juice that are made to taste like cinnamon french toast cereal – Drip the Tip’s “French Toast Crunch” and Keep It 100’s “Krunchy Squares.” The “French Toast Crunch” flavor is made to taste like the sweet cereal in a bowl of milk, drizzled with maple syrup on top. “Krunchy Squares” is the same, without the added syrup taste. So, it wouldn’t make sense to purchase both flavors to sell at your store – you should probably choose one or the other. There is also the Frosted O’s juice, which is made to taste like honey grain cereal oats in a sweet coating of sugar. One other cereal flavor is Cosmic Fog’s “Euphora,” which combines a perfect mix of sweet and milky with the tastes of orange, blueberry, and lemon cereal pieces in milk.

The breakfast food flavors don’t stop there, though! You can offer your customers juice that sparks the taste of fluffy pancakes topped with berries and maple syrup with Vapor Maid’s “Pancake Maple Berry” flavor. A coffee-tasting juice would also be good for any morning vaper. Consider selling Savage’s “Jackman” juice, which tastes of delectable coffee cake with whipped cream and strawberries, making for a sweet morning treat. Your customers can wash down all of the food with a cool glass of chocolate milk with Mod Milk’s “Chocolate Milky Temptation.”

So which sounds the best to you? Perhaps you’ll stock a couple of cereal flavors to feed the morning appetite of your vape customers. Or maybe a pack of “Sonrise” to help them kick back and relax as the sun goes up. For your customers who start their vaping early, all of these breakfast-flavored juices will keep them coming back to your shop. Shop all of these flavors, as well as many more, today at wholesaler Kingdom Vapor – the best site for vapor liquid wholesale purchases!

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