What Makes Nic Salts So Special?

The buzz around nic salts has been building for the last few years, but there are many passionate vapers who still don’t know what, exactly, nicotine salt juices really are. In recent years, some major brands have adopted nic salts into their formulas and all kinds of new, artisan outlets have put their products forward to be judged by the vaping community. The results have been spectacular, and the creative flavor mixes that artisan companies have made are breathtaking.

So, what is it that makes nicotine salt juices so special? Keep reading to learn more:

Part I – The Chemistry
While we’ll aim to keep this in layman’s terms, one of the characteristics that make juices made with nic salts so special is the scientific makeup of nicotine salts. Unlike old-school vape juices, the juices we’re talking about here use nicotine in its naturally occurring form. In nature, nicotine appears in salt form, not in the manufactured form often referred to as free-base nicotine. Free-base nicotine is considerably more acidic than salt nicotine, which makes it great for some uses but not as great for vaping. The lower acidity of salt nicotine means that nicotine can be used in higher concentration without increasing the overall acidity of the mixture.

What does this all mean? Let’s dive in:

Part II – The Effects
The chemical makeup isn’t just scientific jargon; the reduction of acidity opens doors for all kinds of unique flavor flourishes in nicotine salt juices. As a great first example, the fact that there’s a much lower overall acidity means that citrus flavors are much more enjoyable when used in nic salt juices. The citrus flavor profile can be explored without risking the mixture tasting too tart, sour, or even sharp to the tongue.

The “sharpness” of vapor is sometimes desirable, but it is a characteristic that can quickly ruin the experience. Sharp flavors result in what is known as the “throat hit,” a brief burning sensation in the back of the throat. Though this sensation can be nice in small doses, it can quickly lead to an overly tender throat, which means shorter vaping sessions and less time to enjoy the flavors.

Nic salts in juices allow for a smooth flavor mixture that doesn’t come with the throat hit, paving the way for all kinds of juices that wouldn’t have been possible using free-base nicotine formulas. With nic salt juices, you can have much higher concentrations of nicotine as well, meaning that you’ll use considerably less juice to get that ideal high. High-concentration juices that don’t use nicotine salts are often accompanied by strong throat hits that are just too much for most vapers.

There you have it! What makes nicotine salts so unique is that their chemical makeup allows for much more flavor creativity, higher concentrations of nicotine, and the avoidance of irritating throat hits. Now that you’ve got the low-down on nic salt juices, it’s time to set out and find some incredible flavors. One vape juice company that sells some of the best salt nicotine e-juices is SaltBae50. Head on over to their website to explore their options and learn more about salt nicotine e-juice.

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