What Makes a Desktop Vaporizer the Best in 2017?

It might seem like 2017 is the year of vape pens and other handheld vaporizers. The small, compact vaporizers that you can use on-the-go have a lot of advantages, but they can’t really replace the desktop vaporizer. In many regards, the size of a desktop vaporizer is an advantage, especially when drawing the hard hit you want from any vaping device.

So, while vape pens are getting a lot of hype, desktop vaporizers quietly continue to improve in their own way. These bigger vaporizers aren’t necessarily getting any smaller, but they are better than ever. What makes the best desktop vaporizer in 2017?

Portability Is Possible
There is a difference between pocket-size and portable. While vape pens are going to fit nicely into a pant’s pocket, you might have trouble fitting some desktop vaporizers into a backpack. However, some manufacturers are realizing the importance of transporting a desktop vaporizer on occasion. Whether you need to pack it up for a dinner party or take it to a friend’s house, having a desktop vaporizer that comes with a portable case can be a big benefit.

A desktop vaporizer, regardless of size, that comes with its own carrying case is going to be the best option if you want portability. Often, the components and shape of a desktop vaporizer makes it difficult to fit into other spaces. Therefore, you probably need a case the will nicely fit the vaporizer’s shape and design. Plus, a speciality made case will protect your vaporizer from damage.

However, not all of the best desktop vaporizers need to be this transportable. There are other features that matter.

Finding a Potent Vapor
There are a million ways to describe vapor from different desktop vaporizers. Smooth, silky, powerful, and comfortable. However, when it comes to desktop vaporizers in 2017 it is all about potency. People are looking for a vaporizer that can deliver a strong vapor, but it needs to remain pure. Sometimes a stronger vaporizer will compromise the quality of the vapor to deliver a potent hit. But in 2017, there is no need for you to make the trade off, as there are vaporizers that do both.

Read the reviews for the desktop vaporizers on the market in 2017, and it will be obvious which ones deliver a potent hit. Many people are choosing vaporizers that deliver a vapor as similar to smoking as possible. That’s pretty heavy, and as 2017 continues desktop vaporizer manufacturers seem intent on turning up the heat even more.

Go for Versatility
Many desktop vaporizers are specifically designed for one type of product. Into e-liquid? There is a desktop vaporizer for you. Want to try dry herb? There is a desktop vaporizer for that as well. Ready to give extracts a shot? Then you are going to need a different device. However, some manufacturers are realizing that there is benefit to being a jack of all trades.

Take the Plenty vaporizer for example. This three in one vaporizer is probably the best desktop vaporizer for working with multiple products. Better yet, it actually handles all of these substances really well. At one time, buying a multi-material vaporizer meant sacrificing quality, but those days are gone.

If you are looking for a quality desktop vaporizer, shop the incredible and varied desktop vaporizer collection online at Vapaura.

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