Make Kingdom Vapor Your Wholesale Electronic Cigarette Supplier

Running a vape shop offers an entire slew of unique challenges to proprietors and managers. On top of keeping ahead of changes prevalent technology and tastes, there are the standard operations of business that are necessary to keep everything running smoothly. To consider further, there is the absolute imperative of maintaining a proper supply chain and good supplier relationships. There are as many wholesalers as one might count, but only a few that bear noting. Of the cream, Kingdom Vapor stands as the choice of the most savvy for their selection, price and attention to customer needs. There are many options for you to select as a wholesale electronic cigarette supplier, but only one clear winner. Kingdom Vapor has been keeping vape shops successful for nearly a decade and they do so with unparalleled attention to customer needs, whether they be the needs of their shop’s customers or to the end user. Attention to customers and the market means that they can maintain the most desirable products and offer consultation to their partners in the supply chain.

First, nowhere else will you find such a selection of devices. Whether your shop sells primarily the most simple of throwback e cigarettes or your customers run on mods that could double as a backup power source and a speaker that is also shock and water resistant, at Kingdom Vapor you will find what you (and your customers) want and need. Devices like the Smok Vape Pen 22 offer simple top fill designs and single button operation for no frills use by purists, and can be readily found at Kingdom Vapor. That being said, you’ll also find models like the GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W, with 200 watts of power, dual 18650 batteries, resistance ranging from .05 ohms to 3, and upgradeable firmware to ensure that the device grows with your use. Rugged but modest in design, this mod is for serious users who will use it well. There are also mods like the Aspire Dynamo 220w kit, with a simple top fill tank with plenty of capacity at 4 ml. For its ease of use, it also gives the vaper full control over power, temperature and resistance, as well as choice of battery. It also features a 2 inch full-color screen as a dashboard for easy management of all of these aforelisted controls.

As if the peerless selection available at Kingdom Vapor were not enough, there is the fact that their customers grow precipitously by their expertise and experience. When you choose Kingdom Vapor as your Wholesale Electronic Cigarette supplier, you will be getting nearly a decade’s worth of valuable industry experience brought to the table as well as an ally in a market that is not always entirely affable. For nearly ten years Kingdom Vapor has grown into the trusted supplier it is today, and when you have questions or concerns regarding the development or distribution of new or well established products, Kingdom Vapor’s team of professionals will be there when called upon to help. So the next time you consider your procurement practices, go straight to and make a change.

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