What to Look For in the Best Hemp Oil Extract

When a new product hits the market, or when laws are passed legalizing the product in states where it was once illegal, a firestorm of varieties come from companies out of every country from the United States to Japan and beyond. With such a mass influx of products to the market at the same time, how are you supposed to find the best hemp oil extract?

How to Shop for the Best Hemp Oil
CBD oils, waxes, and other products have gained such popularity because research is showing positive results on health. Unfortunately, as comes with fast rise to fame, scam artists flood stores and shops with subpar products often extracted with dangerous chemicals like pentane, butane, and propane.

To find the best hemp oil, ask the vendor or manufacturer about production and extraction methods.

Why Are You Looking for Hemp Oil?
One of the first problems when hemp oil hit instant popularity was the influx of poor quality waxes, oils, and other mediums created solely to fill shelves and make sales before high quality products were released. When you combine poor quality and information on what a specific type of CBD is supposed to aid with, like pain or anxiety, and the product doesn’t work, the consumer immediately starts to think that CBD, as a whole, doesn’t work. However, with the best hemp oil available on the market, this is not the case.

How Much THC is in the Product?
Did you know that the best hemp oils can contain small amounts of THC? THC is the compound that works on the central nervous system a plethora of symptoms, but in many states, it remains illegal. Luckily, for a product to be called hemp, it must contain less than 0.3% THC. That’s between seven and ten times less than you’d find in standard cannabis oil. At Johnny Apple, our CBD products are 100 percent THC-free – no exceptions.

How Much CBD Should You Use?
When you finally locate the best hemp oil, and you’re ready to make the purchase, take one more second to consider how much CBD you should be consuming daily. Yes, there are recommended amounts based on the symptoms you’re expecting to relieve. For instance, the amount per day for common symptoms is:

Chronic Pain: Up to 20mg
Sleep Issues: Up to 160mg
Epilepsy: Up to 300mg

If you find these limits don’t help with your symptoms, you may be able to increase the amount of 25mg once a month until you reach therapeutic levels.

As you can tell, the dose of CBD varies depending on the condition or symptom being addressed. Overall, therapeutic intake ranges from 10mg to more than 1,200mg daily.

The products we choose for our catalog aren’t poor quality, and we remove all traces of THC. We maintain our high-quality standards across all items including waxes, tinctures, and isolates. We want to teach our customers to difference subpar oils and the best hemp oil extract, and we do that by only offering the best. Check out the catalog at JohnnyApple.com or contact us at info@johnnyapple.com.

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