What to Know Before You Open Your Vape Shop

Vaping is a popular hobby today for many people and for many reasons. Over the last several years, vaping has become its own sort of community among vapors and non-vapors alike. In particular, vape shops have become an extremely popular spot for vapors to connect, hang out, and buy the latest vape technologies and products. As vape shops become more and more popular, today is the perfect time to think about opening your very own vape shop. If it’s something you thought about before or something you never thought of doing, Kingdom Vapor, a wholesale vaping supply company, has created a brief list of things you should consider before you open your vape shop:

• Know Your Customers – Let’s face it, while there will be tons of people who will come into your shop and know exactly what they want, there will also be a fair number of new vapors who are going to need additional assistance with choosing vape products and devices. You should definitely know what products your loyal customers typically buy but keep your new vape customers in mind as well. At Kingdom Vapor, we offer starter kits that will be the perfect product to keep in stock at your vape shop for new vapors.

• Stay Ahead of the Competition – There are tons of websites and physical vape locations that are available today to vape consumers. There are also tons of new devices, products, and vape technologies that are constantly being introduced to vapors. Keeping these factors in mind, how will you stay ahead of the competition? When you shop at Kingdom Vapor, you stay ahead of the competition because we offer the latest products from the most-trusted vape brands like customer favorites such as Aspire, Vivant, Suorin, and more.

• Vape Variety – E-liquids are probably the most important vape product at the moment. Vapors are constantly purchasing new e-liquids to use with their device, trying out various types of e-liquids with many different flavors. Even though there tons of e-liquids available, most customers usually have a personal favorite e-liquid they like to use with their device. New vape users, however, might want to try some different e-liquid options once they begin vaping. Whether your customers like e-liquids with a strong, fruity flavor or prefer stronger nicotine salt e-liquids, you should always have variety in your vape shop for any type of consumer. At Kingdom Vapor, we have different options of e-liquids available, including nic e-salts and different sizes of e-liquids.

• Have a Knowledgeable Staff – Your vape shop should be the perfect spot where your customers feel comfortable to hang out and do their vape shopping with friends. Having a personable, knowledgeable staff can be a great asset to your vape shop. If your staff knows what they’re talking about and what products they’re selling, it’s much more likely that your customers will keep coming back. That’s why at Kingdom Vapor, we have an up-to-date staff of vape users and enthusiasts who are passionate to deliver you with the best knowledge and vape products in the industry.

Since 2012, Kingdom Vapor has been providing wholesale vaping supply to traditional tobacco and vape shops. If you’re thinking of opening your own vape shop, let us assist you throughout the process. Contact us today at 814-297-8240 or info@kingdomvapor.com for more information.

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