Kingdom Vapor: Your Wholesale Vaping Supply Solution

Kingdom Vapor is a wholesale vaping supplies company and the answer to maintaining a successful vape shop with happy, loyal customers who return time and time again to meet their vaping needs. When it comes to vaping supplies, Kingdom Vapor has everything from the basic essentials to the hard to find supplies that will keep a vape shop well stocked and customers satisfied. From outstanding service to a broad range of accessories including but not limited to mods, e-cigs, tanks, coils, and assortment of liquids and even kits, Kingdom Vapor will grow with its retail partners as vaping continues its upward trend. Keep ahead of the curve, be well stocked and informed of changes in the growing vape market by partnering with Kingdom Vapor for every necessity.

A Mod for Any Need

Kingdom Vapor has the best, the latest, and the greatest equipment and brands at the right prices. Traditional electronic cigarettes offer the customer little in the way of customization that will fit their needs and much less their desires. Mods, or modified vaporizers, offer the advanced vaper the ability to regulate the voltage and wattage of their device. Some mods even offer additional safeguards from shorting or overheating. Additionally, mods generally have a stronger heating unit and battery, a higher quality wick or wicking system, and a higher capacity tank. All of these combined take E-cigarettes and vaporizers from a fix to an art with an experience that allows the user to take a more personal role in crafting. Smok, Eleaf, Wismec and iJoy are only a few of the popular quality brands available for those interested in upgrading their disposable e-cig or vape to a more modified one.

Wholesale Sub Ohm Tanks

When outfitting a vape mod with a tank, there are numerous options to consider. Each individual vaper has a preference of vapor output, flavor concentration, and potency of nicotine. Sub ohm tanks enable the advanced vaper the ability to enjoy the perfect vaping experience with increased convenience. Pairing a mod with a sub ohm tank will offer unparalleled output of vapor and strength of flavor as compared to conventional e-liquid tanks. This is because sub ohm tanks offer less than one ohm of resistance; though they draw more energy from the battery, these tanks will heat up more quickly and release not only much more vapor per hit, but much more flavor and increased nicotine concentration. Kingdom Vapor’s Sub Ohm Tank Wholesale selection is expansive and just what its customers want to create the perfect vaping experience, as well as the mods and batteries with which to fit them. Whether it’s Smok or iJoy, Joyetech or Vaporesso, Kingdom Vapor is sure to have the best brands priced right.

Battery Wholesale Selection

In addition to the consideration that must be made when choosing a tank for a mod, a mod must be fitted with a battery that is both powerful enough and reliable enough to ensure continued vaping pleasure. Vaping savvy customers know it is essential to outfit a mod with a battery that offers the perfect voltage and enough power to create dazzling clouds and knockout flavor. Kingdom Vapor carries the top quality batteries from brands such as Hohm Tech, Samsung, and Efest that have stood the test of time and are experienced and battle proven to stand strong reliably to power a mod safely and efficiently. Most importantly, the use of a quality battery from a reputable manufacturer ensures that the device with which it is paired with continue to function effectively and will extend the life and enjoyment provided by mods, regulated or not.

Kits and More

In addition to mods, Sub Ohm Tank wholesale options, and batteries, Kingdom Vapor supplies everything in between, including, but not limited to, coils, chargers, kits to get customers started, a wide variety of e-liquids, and even additional and upgradable components for vaping systems. Check out Kingdom Vapor online today for customer satisfaction and to be at the forefront of the vaping experience.

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