Kingdom Vapor Has Everything for Your Vape Shop

There’s a huge list of e cigarette wholesale distributors out there, and winnowing the wheat from the chaff of the wholesale pool can be a task. However, when you find a wholesale partner that offers the products and accessories you need to keep your shop running and your customers happy, you stand by them because they stand by you. With everything you need from kits to coils, Kingdom Vapor is your preferred partner for wholesale vapor supplies. With a massive inventory, low prices, industry expertise and no minimum order quantities, Kingdom Vapor is your solution running a tight shop.

Regulated and Mechanical Mods

Mods have become a staple for vapers everywhere. Originally, ‘Mod’ referred to a piece which was modified to contain certain features that traditional cig-a-likes lacked, often equipped with larger, longer lasting batteries, larger tanks, or stronger heating units. These days, a mod is simply an upgrade kit – the tube or box you’ll upgrade to after vaping a starter kit. In some regulated mods, users can control certain features to optimize the output of vapor or to protect against burnout; wattage adjustment is very common on regulated mods. The good news is that Kingdom Vapor’s selection of mods is second to none. With a wide selection of both regulated and unregulated mods, they are sure to have what you and your customers need. Kingdom Vapor distributes popular regulated models such as Aspire’s Speeder Revvo 200W kit, powered by dual 18650 batteries. They also carry the Aspire Cygnet Kit, which is powered by a single 18650 battery and has the Aspire Revvo Mini tank on top. It also has modes for Variable Voltage and bypass, and has over current, over charging and over discharging protection. In their portfolio of mechanical mods Kingdom Vapor carries Vandy Vape’s Pulse BF, which has an 8ml e-liquid capacity and is compatible with both 20700 and 18650 batteries. Another squonk mod, the CoilArt Azeroth, is a dual 18650 or 20700 mod with the Coil Art DPRO on top.

E-Liquids – and Everything Else

As impressive as Kingdom Vapor’s selection of mods is, that isn’t the only thing you look for in e cigarette wholesale distributors. You need a fresh selection of e-liquids to pair with your devices and the tanks and coils and batteries that go along with them. Kingdom Vapor carries a long line of the bells and whistles to deck out your vape shop, including e-liquids from brands like Angry E-Liquid, Revenge, Ferrum City, and Juice Head, Kingdom Vapor has the brands and flavors you need to keep your customers happy.

Amazing Prices and No Minimum Order Quantities

Kingdom Vapor doesn’t just keep this inventory at your disposal, and at amazing prices. They do so without requiring minimum order quantities. That’s right – you can have your cake and eat it too. Kingdom Vapor understands you know the needs and demands of your business better than anyone else. That’s why they don’t require a minimum item quantity or dollar minimum. So when you’re in the market for e cigarette wholesale distributors, look no further than Kingdom Vapor. They have everything you need priced to please at

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