Kingdom Vapor – Customers’ Number One Choice for Wholesale Vape Supplies

If you run a vape shop, you juggle many responsibilities and doubtless wear many hats. That wide variety of responsibility is no doubt one of the main reasons why it’s so important to take your business to a wholesaler that not only carries the products your shop thrives on but has your back. Kingdom Vapor is that wholesaler and for good reason. Not only do they carry an amazing selection of devices, e liquids and accessories, but they serve as a consultative resource and an advocate for their customers. For almost ten years Kingdom Vapor has faithfully served its customers with not only products but information like the popularity of new products and trends among vapers. When you need a new source for wholesale vape supplies that not only delivers the goods but is an investment in information and customer service, the clear winner is Kingdom Vapor.

No one around carries an inventory as expansive or impressive as Kingdom Vapor. Spanning devices, e liquids, and all the types of accessories you or your customers could possibly need, Kingdom Vapor is truly a one stop shop for those looking to find one solution to sourcing their wholesale vape supplies. In devices Kingdom Vapor is rich in all styles and technology from the most basic to the most complex and everything in between. They offer pod systems for those who like to vape thinner liquids or salt nicotine e-liquid and enjoy the convenience of the use of pods. They offer starter kits like the Smok Stick Prince Kit and the Aspire Breeze Starter Kit, perfect solutions for those interested in vaping and with protections such as short circuit and automatic cutoff that are found on more advanced regulated mods. Kingdom Vapor is also an excellent source of regulated mods from top selling brands such as Vapor Storm, Wismec and Vo Tech. Popular models include the Vapor Storm Puma 200, which runs up to 200 watts and offer full temperature control. It is also innovative in its design, incorporating ABS construction for maximum durability and minimum weight. The Vaporesso Target Mini Mod is another top seller, and though small, brings up to 40 watts of power to the table. Also impressive is its ability to accommodate builds running resistance as low as 0.1O. From simple e cigs to regulated mods that offer the vapor expanded freedom with their builds, Kingdom Vapor has an incomparable supply.

Kingdom Vapor also carries popular e liquids, nicotine salts, and pods, while at the same time constantly introducing new flavors and blends. At Kingdom Vapor you’ll also find all the accessories your customers need to complete their builds. From tanks to coils, atomizers to batteries, drip tips and more, Kingdom Vapor has what you need to run a successful vape shop. Kingdom Vapor’s sales team is an expert resource to its customers, offering valuable insight into regulations, popular builds, new products and more. With Kingdom Vapor you get not just the product but inside knowledge, something one in any industry could use. So delay no more – head to today.

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