Jolly Rancher Vape Juice — Yes, It’s a Real Thing

For decades, Jolly Rancher candies have been widely popular all over the world, known for their delicious juicy and fruity flavors that keep people reaching for “just one more”. For those who wish to take this incredible flavor wherever they go, Hot Juice has developed a vape juice that puts the mouth-watering taste of a Jolly Rancher candy right inside your vape tank.

Continue reading for more information about this delicious e-juice, as well as the company that makes it, to determine if Jolly Rancher vape juice is the right vape juice for you!

Jolly Rancher Vape Juice: Development and Inspiration

The vaping professionals at Hot Juice designed the Jolly Rancher Vape Juice (referred to on Hot Juice’s site as Fruit Blaster vape juice) to provide the mouth-watering, fruity taste of jolly ranchers with each and every hit. The Jolly Rancher Vape Juice is designed to bring together the flavors of watermelon, lemon, and apple to mimic the delicious taste of the classic Jolly Rancher candy; an explosion of delectable fruity flavor with each and every hit that is delectably sweet and just a bit sour.

Save your teeth from the abuse and damage from sugar that comes along with traditional candies and experiences the flavors you love with this explosive and flavorful e-juice! Like with any Hot Juice e-liquid, the Jolly Rancher Vape Juice is scientifically designed to produce rich, flavorful, and satisfying clouds time after time that never loses their flavor, their quality, or their fun.

Jolly Rancher E Juice: Everything You Need To Know

Like all other Hot Juice vape juices and liquids, Jolly Rancher e juice is completely gluten-free, GMO-free, and kosher certified, joining the ranks of the most delicious, and luxurious vape juices on the market. This delicious and fruity e-juice features a simple but effective ingredient list; like all Hot Juice vape juices, it is composed of vegetable glycerin, food flavoring, nicotine, and propylene glycol.

Jolly Rancher e juice is available for purchase in both 30ml and 100ml bottles, both of which are TSA compliant. This delicious flavor is, like all Hot Juice vape juices, offered in a wide variety of nicotine concentrations to cater to the needs of all vapers. Hot Juice prides itself on being able to provide vapers with quality products that anyone can enjoy, and this delectable Jolly Rancher e-juice flavor is no exception.

Below is a list of the different nicotine concentration amounts offered with this Jolly Rancher-inspired vape juice:

  • 0mg: No nicotine
  • 3mg: Ultralight/Dripper
  • 11mg: Light
  • 18mg: Regular
  • 24mg: Strong

In addition to a variety of different nicotine concentration options, Hot Juice also offers two different options for VG/PG mixture to cater to the needs of different individuals:

  • 70% PG / 30% VG: Former Smoker
  • 70% VG / 30% PG: Cloud Chaser

Jolly Rancher E-Liquid: How It Stands Up To The Competition

Unlike other fruit-based or candy-inspired vape juices that make an attempt to mimic certain flavors but end up falling shortly after just a few hits, Hot Juice’s Jolly Rancher e-liquid is nearly exactly identical in taste to the classic and delicious Jolly Rancher candy.

Like all Hot Juice e-liquids, Jolly Rancher e-liquid is carefully crafted by vape enthusiasts and professionals who understand the importance of attention to detail and flavor when it comes to vaping. Hot Juice is notorious for providing vapers with an undeniably diverse and delicious range of vape juices, with a flavor for everyone, at prices that anyone will love. Who says that affordable e-juice has to be mediocre?

Hot Juice Vape Juice: The Best In The Business

Hot Juice was created by vaping enthusiasts and connoisseurs who had a vision of launching a company that is dedicated to creating luxurious and delicious vape juices for individuals all around the world. Each Hot Juice Vape Juice is created with precision and an immense attention to detail for a satisfying, dense, and delicious cloud with each and every hit. It is at the California-based headquarters Hot Juice’s vape professionals and connoisseurs, who have taken to calling themselves “vapicureans” brainstorm to create luxury vape juices that simply blow away the competition.

Hot Juice offers the largest selection of e-juices in the current market, with over nine categories of flavors and over 60 flavors within each of those categories. There is truly a juice flavor for everyone; whether you are looking for a fresh minty juice, a fruity explosion like this delicious e-juice, or a satisfying dessert-inspired flavor, Hot Juice has the perfect option for you.


Whether you’re using vaping as an alternative to smoking cigarettes, or you’re simply a recreational vaper who enjoys the activity, Hot Juice has a delicious and satisfying vape juice for you. To learn more about this Jolly Rancher-inspired vape juice and the wide variety of other e-juices offered, visit Hot Juice for more information.

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