What is Hemp Isolate and is it Safe?

Hemp isolate is another term for cannabidiol (CBD) isolate. Isolate refers to the purity of the CBD with CBD isolate measuring 99-percent purity after hemp plant components and terpenes are removed. There is no THC in the isolate so the user won’t experience psychoactive effects or the body high associated with THC. In essence, it is the purest form of CBD.

What’s the Difference Between Hemp Extract and Hemp Isolate?
Hemp extract and isolate aren’t the same. Hemp extract is pulled from the whole hemp plant. The nutritional elements, including vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, and phytonutrients, are present along with terpenes and cannabinoids; more than 100 cannabinoids to be exact.

CBD isolate is pure, only containing a single cannabinoid. Imagine taking your favorite dish and breaking it down into smaller parts, repeating the process until all that’s left is the ingredient salt. CBD is the salt of hemp extract, one small element with a long list of possible benefits.

Hemp Extract Versus Isolate: THC Content
Whole hemp extract does contain a small amount of THC. However, to be classified as hemp and not cannabis, the THC levels must be below 0.3 percent. The user feels no effects of the minute amount of THC, and it will not cause a positive drug test, in most cases.

CBD isolate doesn’t contain THC because the process used to extract the single cannabinoid removes 100-percent of all other elements. The idea is to create the purest form for people who want to get the most out of the possible health benefits of CBD.

What is the Entourage Effect?
There is some debate as to whether whole plant hemp extract is more effective than CBD isolate. Whole plant hemp extract has a complex chemical structure. Along with CBD, there are many other cannabinoids some believe work together to improve absorption. There’s also the thought that the other 100 plus cannabinoids deliver health benefits like CBD, so the sum of the parts is more effective than the purest form of CBD. This is referred to as the Entourage Effect.

If Hemp Extract is Effective, Why is CBD Isolate Important?
There are so many complex elements in whole plant hemp extract; CBD isolate is the go-to extract for manufacturers and users who want purity. When 99-percent purity is standard, it leaves little to the imagination. The user doesn’t have to worry about consuming something they aren’t looking to consume. Plus, CBD isolate is 100-percent THC-free, something that offers peace of mind to users working for companies that randomly drug test.

At Johnny Apple, the hemp isolate we sell is 100 percent THC free. We’re all about providing the highest quality product and the best possible health benefits, so we also consider the Entourage Effect in our creation of blends. Our blends combine CBD isolate with other terpenes found in hemp extract to maximize results. We’re genuinely excited to hear from our customers about both experiences and questions. Send us an email at info@johnnyapple.com, and we’ll work with you to find the best isolate for your needs.

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