Healthy Life Tips From Ex-smokers

Quitting smoking can be a very hard thing to do. Some people have smoked for so many years that they think it is worthless trying. But Research has found that the benefits of quitting are available to those who have been heavy smokers for long periods as well as for people who just smoked for a shorter period.

A week after you stop smoking you are going to be able to feel you breathe more, and it is because you do! Another study has found that even heavy smokers can go back to the statistics of nonsmokers if they live a lime without smoking for 10 years.

The best advice comes from those who have successfully stopped smoking, they can share their stories and encourage others to do so.

1) Quit smoking for good

Set your goal to be completely smoke-free. It is a good start if you cut back from a box of cigarettes to one cigarette a day, but the ultimate goal is to stop nicotine and smoke from entering your body. It is also a good option to switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes, the use of the best e-liquid will help you transition to a smoke-free life. This post has some useful information if you want to learn more about these smoking cessation tools. The chances of having heart diseases decrease up to 50% after you have spent some years without smoking.

2) Manage your stress

Smokers usually claim that they need a cigarette when they are stressed out, they say smoking relaxes them and make them feel good again. They usually feel like this because they have created a relaxing environment for their smoking breaks and therefore associate a pleasant feeling with it. The consumption of nicotine actually increases anxiety levels in smokers, compared to non-smokers. What ex-smokers recommend is to create new relaxation environment that is not associated with smoking. Swimming, gently walking or chatting with friends can help you feel less stressed without having to introduce all that toxic tar in your lungs.

3) Take care of your health

Ex-smokers have discovered that smoking kept them sick all the time. Breathing problems, asthma attacks, flu, and allergies are a frequent ailment among the smokers. Discovering sickening patterns in your health can help you decide to quit smoking and keep you motivated so that you don’t relapse.

4) Go cold turkey on it

Some people had said that when they decided to quit smoking, they did it cold turkey and it worked perfectly. It can sound a little extreme, but some events in life force you to do it and the benefits start to show from day one. Imagine for a moment that you are going to be a mother or a father, the toxic smoke is hazardous for the baby, and second-hand smoke is also extremely dangerous. The best thing to do, immediately, would be to stop smoking.

5) Brush your teeth

Every time you crave a cigarette, go and brush your teeth. The smell and flavor of the toothpaste will make you feel more awake, and the craving will also go away. Besides reducing the opportunities for relapse, you will also improve the health of your teeth. Make sure you use a soft toothbrush because your gums may be delicate after long periods of time as a smoker.

Many pieces of advice can be found on the web to help you quit smoking. Remember, the benefits can be seen from day one, use this as motivation to stay clean and out of the habit.

It is also important to go and visit your family doctor and ask for any special treatment or diet that you may need due to the damage already done by tobacco combustion.


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