Go Ahead, Be Salty!

Typically, it isn’t exactly cool to be salty. Nothing quite kills the buzz like that one guy who insists on being saltier than a soft pretzel. But salt no longer has to have a negative connotation. In fact, at SaltBae50, we think salt is the bee’s knees. It’s the cat’s pajamas. We’re salty, we’re loving it, and we’re here to stay!

So what’s the deal with the salt? When salt is added to nicotine, it allows the nicotine to be more quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. This translates into a quicker, stronger hit without having to actually use more juice. The salt itself improves the efficiency of the juice. Your e-juice is essentially “stronger” in the sense that you can hit less frequently, use less e-liquid, yet feel a greater effect. That being said, another perk of using nicotine salt is that it creates a much smoother hit in terms of the sensation on the throat. Nicotine e-liquids that don’t contain salt tend to create a harsher hit as you increase nicotine levels, but when you sprinkle salt into the mix, this is no longer the case. You can hit a much higher milligram amount of nicotine on the same sub-ohm vape you’re already using, but without sacrificing the smoothness or enjoyment of the hit. All this awesomeness is cost-efficient, as you can hit less frequently but maintain effect for just as long, if not longer. It’s pretty much a win-win, which is why nicotine salt is quickly gaining popularity within the vaping community!

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s touch base on a few awesome juices you should check out. We know how important flavor is when it comes to vaping, and we have no intention of letting you down. We offer a sweet variety of delectably flavored nicotine salt e-liquids. Our flavors include: Red Mango, Iced Red Mango, Blue Raspberry Lemonade, Fresh Pineapple, Green Apple, Iced Green Apple, Iced Honey Dew, Juicy Watermelon, Juicy Watermelon Iced, Strawberry Kiwi, and Sweet Caramel Tobacco.

Vaping, as a hobby, is only increasing in popularity across the country. At SaltBae50, we believe that we are at the forefront of the latest and greatest in the vaping movement with our nicotine salt e-liquids, and we want you to be along for this awesome ride with us. Nicotine salts are among the newest advances in e-liquid chemistry and technology. Try some of our products now, so later you can remind your friends that you were the one to introduce them to nicotine salts. Don’t jump on the bandwagon, drive the bandwagon! Nicotine salts are here to stay and they are changing the game when it comes to vaping. Stronger levels, smoother hits, and great flavors – what’s not to love?

SaltBae50 doesn’t simply want to provide you with awesome nicotine salt e-liquids; we want to make the entire process as easy and hassle-free as possible for our customers. We process your order as quickly as possible, and shipments typically occur within two to three business days, with possibly an additional three to five business days during holidays or new product releases. We’ll provide you with tracking information upon order placement so you can stay in the loop until your sweet new salts arrive on your doorstep. If you receive a defective product, we offer a seven-day policy during which you can contact us for a refund or return.

We know that salt nicotine is still pretty new to the scene, so if you have any questions or concerns, we would love to answer them and help lead you on the path to ride out the salty wave and join the salty craze! Please contact us with any questions or concerns. And, as always, stay salty, my friends!

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