Give Your Customers What They Want: Customization of Their Vaping Experience

As a distribution company of wholesale vape supplies, Kingdom Vapor is uniquely positioned to view the vaping market and recognize trends in customer demands and needs. We often need to predict trends, instead of responding to them. Right now, the biggest trend we see is versatile products that allow customization of the vaping experience.

Desire for Customization is Driving the Vape Industry
Customization has become a buzzword within the vaping industry, and for good reason. The awesome advancements in e-cigarettes, e-liquids, and accessories for these products allow people to tailor their vaping experience. For instance, you can purchase vape juice in an unbelievable range of sweet flavors and go weeks without repeating a single flavor. Wholesale vape supplies that facilitate or accommodate this type of versatility and customization are selling faster than any others.

Therefore, when it comes to wholesale vape supplies at Kingdom Vapor, we try to deliver products that offer the best in versatility because we know it is what users are demanding on your retail shelves. One of the greatest products for offering versatility and customization to customers is by stocking Sapphyre Nicotine Packs.

What Are Sapphyre Nicotine Packs
One of the greatest advantages of vaping is the ability to adjust the amount of nicotine in your e-liquid or vape juice. There are different ways to make these adjustments. One way is to purchase vape juice that contains specific amounts of nicotine. Another option, is buying wholesale vape supplies that are nicotine free and allowing end users to add nicotine through nicotine packs, such as Sapphyre.

Sapphyre is concentrated nicotine that is part of the Kingdom Vapor’s offering of wholesale vape supplies. The nicotine is prepackaged and measured in tear proof Mylar packaging, and ready for use by your customers. As Sapphyre comes in single use packages, it is a safe alternative to concentrated nicotine that has to be measured and then added to e-liquid.

How Sapphyre Nicotine Packs Provide Customization
The idea behind Sapphyre Nicotine Packs is simple, however there are few wholesale vape supplies that provide this amount of customization. Nicotine changes the taste and effects of a vaping experience, and your customers will have differing opinions regarding what amount of nicotine is optimal for their particular vaporizer and what amount of throat hit they prefer. This means that desired amount of nicotine varies widely from customer to customer.

To address this need for customization, Sapphyre offers their nicotine packs in two different levels of concentrate. It can be purchased from Kingdom Vapor in 10% or 20% concentrate. Also, the 20% concentrate is sold in either 1ml or 2ml sealed packages. Customers can use these different nicotine amounts to “nic up” the nicotine level in their vape juice. Each vaping experience can ultimately have a different amount of nicotine.

This ability to nic up is also great for your business. You can stock a smaller range of e-liquids, in terms of nicotine level, and still give your users the customization they want. Purchasing Sapphyre could open up space on your shelves, cut your costs in e-liquids, and provide exciting options for your customers, all at once.

Head to Kingdom Vapor’s online wholesale store to get Sapphyre Nicotine Packs and other wholesale vape supplies on your shelves soon!

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