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There are many choices for wholesale supplier to keep your vape shop up and running, but there is one choice for wholesale e cig supplies that will keep your shop running and thriving. When you need to stock the shelves or offer some new inventory based on the clamoring of loyal customers, turn to Kingdom Vapor. Since 2012, Kingdom Vapor has been the premier wholesale vapor supply partner for select vape shops and vape shop owners across the country. That’s because everything, from their attention to detail, to customers’ preferences and demands speaks volumes about their passion for the product itself and drives them to offer you the best wholesale e cig supplies at the best prices possible.

Unbelievable Wholesale E-Cig Supplies

Part of what makes Kingdom Vapor the go-to for wholesale e cig supplies is their impressive array of stock. While some suppliers specialize in one or two categories, specializing in eGo style stick batteries or basic mods or in battery cells, or even in e-liquids, Kingdom Vapor has it all. You can turn to Kingdom Vapor as your one stop shop for all your vape supplies. Kingdom Vapor has everything you or your customers need. In the way of regulated mods they carry hot brands such as Wismec, Limitless, Aspire, Smok and Vapor Storm to list just a few. These brands are desirable to customers because they offer a ton of features to the user. The convenience of variable wattage allows for more voluminous clouds of vapor. Built-in battery protection allows the user to vape higher wattages without worrying too much about battery failure. In terms of mechanical mods, Kingdom Vapor carries stock from Vandy Vape, Coilart and Cigreen to keep your mechanical fans and high-end customers happy. Searching for e-liquids? To name only a few, Kingdom Vapor carries Keep it 100, Twist E-liquids, Pacha Mama, Vape 100, Ferrum City and Sadboy. Additionally, Kingdom Vapor carries all of the tanks, batteries, coils, and other vaping essentials that will complement and perfect your supply.

No Minimum Order Quantities

A gripe of many resellers is the practice of wholesalers to require minimum order quantities to guarantee that an order will ship. At Kingdom Vapor, you are entirely free of minimum order quantities – what you need is what they ship, even if you’re only in need of one or two pieces. You know your customers best, and whether you need 10 units or 1000, Kingdom Vapor stands behind you and ensure the quality of their product. Kingdom Vapor puts you, the customer, first; just the way you service your own, and that’s exactly how it should be.

Industry Expertise

What pairs perfectly with Kingdom Vapor’s supply of wholesale e cig supplies is their experience in the industry. Their careful attention to their customers and the trends of the market and products therein have helped to make them the experts. When you hear customers asking about a product, just call in for one of the representatives at Kingdom Vapor. Similarly, when you see something hot and new adorning the pages at Kingdom Vapor, you can trust it will be up and coming. To get a sense of what’s new in the field, contact the team at 1-814-297-8240 or head to Their team is always ready to help.

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