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When you care about what you are doing, you give 100 percent of yourself to whatever the task at hand may be. The good people at Velvet Cloud always give just that in their 100 percent Vg Juice. They care about every ingredient that goes into their product, and they care deeply for the people buying the 100 Percent Vg Juice as if they were family. This alone makes them one of the best vape juice companies on the market, and that is without even mentioning how incredible their flavor is.

The best way to have a fantastic product is to start with the most wholesome and best quality ingredients. Velvet Cloud definitely takes this into consideration when making their 100 Percent Vg Juice. They use pure vegetable glycerine because they truly believe it is the way e-juice should be done. Other than that, the base of their e-juice is only nicotine and a touch of water, making it the most pure possible version it can be. They also make it using no GMO’s, gluten, added sweeteners or sugars, additional coloring, or any products that came from animals. This means that if you have any medical or ethical reasoning for not wanting to use a specific e-juice, you can rest easy knowing that all of their spectacular flavors have none of these troublesome ingredients. They pride themselves on having a “nothing weird” approach to the ingredients they put into their products, so you can be sure you are getting the most pure and top quality items every time you order from them.

Velvet Cloud undoubtedly makes some of the best products on the market today. They do this because they truly love what they do and they wanted to share this love with the people they love. They started as a local vape shop in their hometown of San Francisco. They saw that the town was missing a organic, local, and artisanal vape shop so instead of waiting for someone else to do it for them, they went ahead and opened up shop. Today they ship to locations all over the Continental United States and a few other countries in the world, but they still have their home base set up in their beloved San Francisco. They offer a wonderful return policy and have a customer service team that truly cares and is in the know about all products related to their 100 Percent Vg Juice. They know it is important to have their staff well informed to have the best customer service, so they have a team of people that truly are passionate about vaping and can answer all of the questions you may have.

Giving something your all is a truly admirable feat. This admiration is given in abundance by the good folks over at Velvet Cloud. They know good e-juice, and they use only the best ingredients on the market to give you that good quality and good flavor you have grown to trust from them. They care about their customers, and they show it by making the best possible product they can. They truly spend their time wisely and give the full 100 percent. Check them out online today!

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