The Fundamentals to Vaping with Nicotine Salt Juice

Nicotine salts are new to the vaping scene, and vapers are taking to it like never before. This new development in the creation of e-liquids is revolutionary, because it allows juices to utilize higher nicotine strengths while providing a less rough throat hit. If you are looking for that nicotine high without having to constantly vape to make up for non-salt juices’ low nicotine content, then nicotine salt juice may be the right option for you. To help understand more about this new nicotine solution, check out these frequently asked questions:

Who Will Like Nicotine Salt Juice?

Nicotine salt juice is an excellent option for many vaping enthusiasts, including those who:

• previously tried out vaping but didn’t end up enjoying the level of nicotine or the heavy throat hits
• are interested in starting to vape but are unsure where to start
• looking for more of a nicotine high when they vape

What Is Nicotine Salt?
Nicotine salt is the raw or natural state nicotine found in tobacco leaves and other plants. It provides a more stable form of nicotine that vaporizes at higher temperatures. While nicotine salts are not the most efficient way to bring nicotine into your body, they allow for higher nicotine levels to be more palatable in vape liquid form. The goal of this product is to create a more smooth and flavorful vaping experience with higher nicotine levels without the harsh throat hit usually associated with standard e-liquid types.

What Type of Vaporizer Can I Use with Nicotine Salt Juice?

Nicotine salt was adopted with the intent to use lower-wattage vaping devices for nicotine salt juices. Currently, there are two vaporizer styles available on the market:

• Closed System Devices – These types of vaporizers allow you to buy pre-filled cartridges or pods. They typically come in multi-packs (usually around 4,) and help to avoid the mess many enthusiasts experience with manually filling their devices.
• Open System Devices – This system type provides the ability to manually refill your device, while also giving you the ability to change out flavors.

What Are the Benefits of Using Nicotine Salt?

Aside from avoiding a harsher hit, there are still plenty of benefits to using nicotine salt selections:

• Allows for Higher Nicotine Levels – Previously, nicotine levels were limited due to the fact that higher nicotine required higher wattage, which is what produced harsher hits and other unwanted flavor effects..
• Better Shelf Life – Since nicotine salt is already in its raw and natural state, it maintains a more stable form, which in turn is less likely to oxidize than previous nicotine e-liquids.
• Require Less E-Juice – Since they have a higher level of nicotine and offer better absorption, nicotine salt e-liquid options require less vapor to get the desired hit. As a result, your device will need less e-juice.

For those interested in learning more about nicotine salt juice, contact the team at SaltBae50 today by either emailing your message to or calling 617-651-5231. Their enthusiastic vaping professionals can answer any nicotine salt questions you may have and help point you in the right direction for an amazing vaping experience.

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