Have You Found the Best Herb Vaporizer?

Portable herb vaporizers tend to be more expensive than similar size devices made for concentrate or e-liquid. The construction is different. Instead of having a refillable cartridge that you can swap out or refill with e-liquid, the best herb vaporizer will have a chamber that you fill with dry herb. Then, you need a heat source that isn’t going to be too close to burn the dry herb or too hot and create carcinogens.

Therefore, it is impossible to switch out e-liquid for dry herb in a less expensive vape. This means paying a bit more for a quality herb vaporizer. When you do, you want to make sure you are getting the best option out there.

Timing Is Everything
Deciding on the best herb vaporizer for you is somewhat about size. In this instance, bigger isn’t always better, but it might be preferable. Every dry herb vaporizer will have a chamber to hold the herb. Across manufacturers and designs the size of this chamber will vary. The bigger the chamber, the longer your session will last. Also, remember that you shouldn’t tightly pack the chamber; when it comes to vaping, a bit of breathing room will give you a better experience.

However, this doesn’t always mean you need the biggest chamber on the market. Many people are looking to use their portable herb vaporizers for short and sweet sessions. A smaller chamber will do the trick and leave less clean up for later.

Of course, you can also select a desktop or larger vaporizer. Often, this is the way to go when it comes to smoking dry herb. Pens are convenient for their portability and compact size, but most aren’t made for dry herb vaping. Therefore, going with a larger device, that is less mobile, can make a big difference in performance. In this instance, the choice is really about where and when you want to vape.

When It Comes to Cleaning
You probably didn’t think that cleanup would be a concern when choosing the best herb vaporizer, but it can be. In many ways the difference in cleaning out your dry herb vaporizer is determined by whether the device heats the herb through convection or conduction.

A vaporizer where the heating mechanism is through convection will leave a lot less mess. In this process the heating source never touches the dry herb. Therefore, less burn and char left behind when all is said and done. As well, a convection heating vaporizer can also create a more even temperature for the vapor, which may improve your experience.

On the other hand, conduction is a process where the heat source comes in direct contact with the dry herb. As discussed above, this can lead to chemicals and other impurities in the vapor, but it can also leave a bigger mess. If you use the vaporizer several times without proper cleaning, the residual herb is going to be burnt to a crisp. Extremely difficult to clean.

Most conduction vapors are on their way out because of the improvement in health and process provided by a convection vaporizer, but some people still prefer the conduction methods because it is more similar to smoking the herb.

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