Flavor-Blasted: Not Just For Goldfish Anymore!

We probably shouldn’t have started this article by mentioning a cheese product before we dive into our E Liquid, but we’re not your average E Liquid company. No, our juices aren’t going to be covered in cheese dust; relax. They are, however, going to be the highest quality and finest tasting E Liquid that you’ve ever had the pleasure of placing into your vaporizer! Velvet Cloud is a brand that culminates respect through the best-tasting products around! With flavors that pop and concepts that pop louder, we’ve been able to watch our business thrive through the sheer love of our products. Why not? We love them, too!

Think about the flavors that you’ve seen from vape companies in the past. Pretty boring, right? It’s honestly astounding that, in an industry where any flavor is possible, we’re still seeing generic flavors, and poorly made ones at that! However, there is good news. You’ll find the flavors that you deserve at Velvet Cloud, and they’ll be the best tasting flavors you’ve ever tried! Looking for Fruit E Liquid Flavors? We’ve got them. Looking for dessert flavors? We’ve got those too! No matter what you prefer, you’ll find the best possible options at Velvet Cloud. Allow us to give you some examples:

Summer Fruit Trio
Why not start you off strong with a triple pack of our incredible Fruit E Liquid Flavors? Sitting down with some melon in the summertime is nothing short of glorious, but what if you sat down with several melons and a cucumber? Can you say, “refreshing”? Melonomenon is one of our fan favorites, and for good reason! Honeydew, peach, and cucumber join forces for a flavor that defies all the laws of physics and sends you into what scientists refer to as “the flavor zone.” Along with Melonomenon is the (brace yourself) glory that is Peach Tea. That’s right, one of the best flavors of tea can now be vaped. You’re welcome. If that’s not enough, perhaps Summer Sweet might satisfy your needs: Lemon, Raspberry, Watermelon, and Sweet Tea. If you read those consecutively, you might pass out, so be careful.

Tobacco Trio
We don’t just cater to those with a sweet tooth; we work across the board. That’s what makes us a standout company for your E Liquid! With the Tobacco Trio, you can satisfy your taste for elegance. With flavors like butterscotch and custard mixed with tobacco, you know that you’re in for the fancy life. Sometimes, you just can’t stray from the classics, and that’s why the Tobacco Trio brings the classic tobacco flavors right to your vaporizer!

Velvet Cloud for Optimum Flavor Power
Don’t get stuck with lame and unoriginal flavors; tap into your vape potential with the power of Velvet Cloud! With these flavors, you’ll have the world at your disposal. Well, you’ll have your vaporizer at your disposal and utilize these flavors within it. Our flavors do not literally give you the world; we cannot stress that enough. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to contact Velvet Cloud today, and we’ll steer you in the direction that benefits you most!

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