Exotic Flavors for Every Vapor

Think about this: the sweet and tangy taste of berries passing through your lips and rolling over your tongue to float down your throat and into your stomach, satisfying your cravings for sugar with real, natural flavors made from the veins of Mother Nature. Your hands are stained with the colors of fresh fruit picked from the trees of your local farm, your eyes bright from simple satisfaction as you turn to face the sun and soak in its warm rays on a breezy summer’s eve. Heaven. You close your eyes and look towards the sky and let its velvet clouds float you to utopia.

While this daydream sounds pleasant, not everyone has the luxury of sifting through a local farm for fresh fruit and berries. However, there is a very close second to this utopic feeling: Velvet Cloud. Velvet Cloud is an e-liquid house that has been around for over five years. They started out in the San Francisco Bay area to provide vape users with a unique range of flavorful and exotic e-liquid made from hand-selected ingredients. Their dedication to creating tantalizing flavors has caught on to the vape community, increasing the demand. Some of their e-liquid benefits include: a natural VG base, no added coloring, no artificial sweeteners, sugar-free, GMO-free, vegan, and gluten free. In their words, “nothing weird.” Velvet Cloud prides itself on providing its users with e-liquid that is not only delectable, but also tempting and hard to refuse with its high-quality ingredients.

If you want a vapor flavor that can satisfy your cravings and shift your mindset from harsh, bland reality to luscious, fruity dreams and adventures, you’ve got to try Velvet Cloud Fruit Flavored E Juice. Their flavors are unmatched in taste and production. Their vapor chef’s know the exact right combination of flavors to get you the best tasting e-liquid that will appease every taste bud on your tongue. Even better yet, no need to worry about staining your hands picking fruits or carrying around a bag filled with your favorite fruity snacks. Velvet Cloud e-liquid is easy to carry, easy to use, and always fresh in flavor.

If fruit doesn’t cut it for you, dessert will. Velvet Cloud not only offers fruit flavored e juice, but they offer dessert flavored as well. Now, don’t tell me you’re not a fan of this. Picture sitting outside on a cool summer night up in the mountains. You’re kicking back, sipping on decaf coffee or tea, a campfire in full roar in front of you. You didn’t think to pack supplies for s’mores (and you’re trying to eat healthy too), but, nonetheless, you’re craving the sweet taste of toasted marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate. Lucky for you, you’ve got Velvet Cloud. Their ‘Campfire’ dessert e-liquid fits snug in your pocket with enough room for your trusty vaporizer. You whip it out, inhale and exhale. The sweet and sugary taste of s’mores fills your mouth, giving you all of the flavor with none of the guilt.

If this sounds like the kind of e-liquid you’re looking for, head on over to their website, check out all of their available e-liquid options, and pick your favorite flavor today! Better yet, pick two – you won’t regret it!

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