Why Do My E Juice Flavors Taste Bad?

With flavors like Vanilla Custard, Frosted Gingerbread, and Catherine the Grape, it’s hard to believe any of the Velvet Cloud e juice flavors could taste bad, but even the best e juice can leave a horrible aftertaste if the base, nicotine level, or equipment aren’t what you need for the best experience.

PG / VG Ratio
Propylene glycol or PG is a liquid used as a base for some e juices. Higher PG levels give the juice what some would describe as a sharp flavor. It’s included to mimic the throat hit that comes with analog use.

Vegetable glycerin or VG is a sweet, thick liquid that is also used as a base for e juices. The higher the VG content, the less throat hit you feel and the more vapor you will produce.

Generally, e juices are made of a combination of PG and VG mixed with highly concentrated flavor. Some companies use the same flavors found in candy.

If there is more PG than VG, the e juice flavors won’t taste as sweet, but the throat hit will be strong. If the e juice has more VG than PG, it will have a milder throat hit but better flavor and more vapor. Velvet Cloud specializes in juices with 100% VG content for optimal flavor and stellar plume production.

Nicotine Level
For people just entering into the world of vaping, nicotine levels are an important option that few new customers understand. Choosing the right nicotine e juice flavors will make all the difference. Without experience, making the right choice can undoubtedly affect your vaping experience.

Age of Atomizer
How old is your atomizer? Just because you’re still getting huge plumes from your tank doesn’t mean your atomizer is working correctly. When an atomizer starts to burn out, that burned flavor infuses into your e juice. With every use, you’re getting what almost tastes like burnt fabric.

To improve the flavor, drain your tank, change out your atomizer, and refill your tank with new e liquid. Give the cotton in your atomizer a few minutes to soak up the juice before vaping or if your atomizer requires priming, remember to drip in three to five drops of e juice directly onto the cotton, or follow the priming instructions that came with your tank.

Battery Strength
One of the mistakes many new vapers make is in battery choice. Small tanks and all-in-one units supply much less energy or power than a battery you’d use with a large sub ohm tank. Having multiple vaping setups can get expensive, but vaping e juice in a tank that is overpowered by the battery will ruin the flavor in minutes and likely burn out your atomizer soon after.

At Velvet Cloud, our name says it all. We want every customer to purchase e juice flavors that are tempting to the palette, feel good in the mouth, and produce a volume of vapor the customer desires. A velvet cloud of vapor, if you will. Unfortunately, hardware issues and the PG/VG ratio can strongly affect these flavors.

When Velvet Cloud started in 2011, they set out to set the standard for premium e juice, and they succeeded. An in-house e juice chef develops complex, original flavors in the company’s flavor house. If you visit their website at VelvetCloud.com, you are certain to find a flavor that is perfect for you. If you are on the fence, you can email a flavor expert at info@velvetcloud.com.

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