Dessert Flavors, Tobacco Flavors, and More from Velvet Cloud

Velvet Cloud doesn’t just supply high-quality vaping products for a price that can’t be ignored. Our company also gives you a wide variety of flavors to choose from when you enter our online store. Browse around and look at the dessert flavors we have available for you, order, and enjoy a smooth, sweet hit.

Who doesn’t love that sweet, caffeine-fueled flavor or coffee and a donut? We certainly do. That’s why we’ve created the Night Shift flavor for those working late night shifts. Our staff has had so much fun creating the various flavors available for the vaping community. We believe the diverse selection of flavors will suit anybody’s taste buds as they give them a try.

The holidays are approaching quicker than you think. Why not match your vape juice to the holiday season? Our Frosted Gingerbread dessert flavor can put you right in the holiday spirit with its festive and tasty flavor. This and many more dessert and e liquid flavors can be found on our website.

The best part about enjoying vape juices from Velvet Cloud? The ingredients, of course! Everything that goes into making our e juices is completely natural. There is no artificial coloring or sweeteners used during the creative process. Our hardworking staff microbrews all of our e liquid in an ISO7 certified lab with naturally sourced ingredients that make these juices sweet and gratifying. Whether your hit comes with a hint of blueberry or cookies, they were made in the best, most natural way possible without any sort of artificial necessities. Take a look at our online store and start your next fun vaping experience with us.

Never worry about shipments being late either. Our wholesale products ship domestically AND internationally. Our three warehouses in different parts of the United States will make sure that you get your order as soon as possible when you order from us. High-quality customer service is a significant part of how we do business with our customers. We want you to enjoy the hard work and great flavor we’ve put into our products as quickly as we can get them to you. With our locations and our system, we truly believe we can give you that.

That’s not all we’re known for, though. While we take great pride in creating e liquid with satisfying tastes and giving our customers exceptional customer service, Velvet Cloud is also a vegan-friendly organization. Our products are never tested on any animals. In addition to this ], we also donate a portion of our profits to various animal rescue or wildlife nonprofits that look to give the right quality of life to Mother Nature.

For more information about Velvet Cloud and the high quality, VG-based e liquid we provide, visit us online today or email us at We are always more than happy to help our customers get the answers to their questions.

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