The DaVinci Vaporizer: Portable, Fast Heating, Lightweight

From the makers of Karma e-cigarette line, comes the ‘DaVinci’, a portable vaporizer for special herbs. It is delivered in style with durable quality. Even the box has style. One of DaVinci’s famous images, Vitruvian Man, is graced on the box holding what appears to be a vape in the picture. Once the box is unwrapped, the machine comes out easily and fits into your hand perfectly without being too bulky.

When you buy a DaVinci Vaporizer you have the option of choosing from the following colors – black, grey, green and white. An aluminum exterior makes it look rugged and perfect for any kind of lifestyle. An advantage of the rubberized paint is that it’s able to withstand a night of being passed amongst peers without so much as a scratch on its surface.

Aside from its exterior, the unit is made as a highly mobile device that can be transported around because of its compact size of just under 4″ x 6″, weighing in less than 1 pound. It is a snug fit for your back pocket. When you buy the DaVinci Vaporizer it also comes with a battery charger, a cleaning tool, two oil cans, eight extra screens and an instruction manual to give you the full package. It uses high quality Lithium-ion batteries. This is the source of heat for the bronze heating chamber. Typically, the batteries are pre-charged at the point of assembling at a factory, but it will require up to three hours to charge completely before a long night out. If you are planning to use it at a party, it’s a good idea to have it fully charged before you get there. It’s important to understand that to charge the device, the master ‘on – off’ button has to be switched on. When the device is being charged, an icon will appear on the LCD screen to indicate the percentage and its temperature. To turn on the heating of the unit, the device’s second button has to be pressed.

If you want to preserve the battery of the unit in the case of going out for a long night out, there are few tips that make this vaporizer a clear favorite amongst partygoers. For instance, you can turn the device on to heat it up, but once it reaches a certain point it can be turned off and operated at a lower temperature. Once it is fully charged, it can last up to two loads. One word of caution to vapers is that you can accidentally switch the device on by having it in your pocket. Apart from the master switch, the secondary switch may be turned on causing the battery to drain faster. By product default, the unit’s power will switch off after ten minutes to preserve battery life.

When you buy the DaVinci vaporizer the product will come with a two-year warranty period and the batteries have a six-month warranty. The batteries’ life cycle will be about 300 charges, and the unit will last a minimum of 2000 charges. One of the advantages of this unit, compared to its predecessors is that the accuracy of heating is in point. The digital charge is very accurate and is ideal to heat up herbs within the given space of time.

The DaVinci vaporizer is popular because of its portability, and all-terrain construction. The full kit comes packed with all of the necessary accessories making vaping easy. Whether you’re enjoying loose-leaf herbs or essential oils the DaVinci has you covered. Get yours today or let us know how we can help you by emailing us at

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