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The rise in popularity of vaping over the past five years has been incredible to witness. What was once a niche fad that only a select few participated in has grown into a veritable movement, one that only continues to grow. Vaping has become so popular that it has entered into the lexicon of young and old. Nearly everyone knows what vaping is, and as a consequence, vape shops have begun sprouting up in cities and towns all over the country.

But not all vape shops are created equal. Anyone who vapes can tell you the difference between a good vape shop and a subpar vape shop. A good vape shop has a wide variety of e liquids, vape components, and accessories stocked and ready to sell at a fair price. Other shops might have a limited selection and what you see on the shelf might be overpriced. Making these mistakes will inevitably drive customers away. But how can you avoid making these mistakes while trying to grow your business? The answer is with Kingdom Vapor.

Kingdom Vapor is a wholesale vaping supplies distributor that offers an insane variety of products at the best prices around. Everyone knows buying wholesale is one of the easiest ways to keep costs down. Whether you’re looking for tanks, coils, mods or wholesale e liquid, Kingdom Vapor has the right products at the right prices.

At Kingdom Vapor, we personally make sure that the products we sell are of excellent quality and made in clean, safe facilities. That’s because we care deeply about our customers. As avid vape aficionados, we’ve tested every product that we carry on our site. That means you’ll never get burned by subpar components or e liquids. And when you’re happy as a vape shop owner, your customer is sure to be happy, too.

You’ve no doubt heard of many of the brands we carry. We’ve got Lemon Twist, FLVR, and Juice Head alongside popular classics like King Of The Cloud and Keep It 100. Imagine being able to stock your store with a glittering array of different kinds of e liquid without having to navigate a thousand different websites. At Kingdom Vapor, we also carry a variety of nicotine salts. Nicotine salts are one of the newest trends in the vaping world, but given how smooth and quick hitting these liquids are, they’re certain to stick around for quite some time.

That isn’t all, of course. In fact, that isn’t even the half of it. Here at Kingdom Vapor, we carry products for all of your vape needs. That means wholesale e liquid, but it also means an incredible variety of kits, mods, tanks, atomizers, and other accessories. Every shop has different needs and different demographics, but it never hurts to have the newest and most cutting-edge technology on the showroom floor. Because the industry is still so new, advances in safety and efficiency are coming out all the time. It’s our job to help keep up with the trends so you can focus on giving your customers exactly what they want. Call us at 1(814) 297-8240 or email us at with any questions you may have.

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