Combining Quality and Variety at Kingdom Vapor

Kingdom Vapor offers a variety of wholesale vaping products at affordable prices and they approach all of their products and accessories with expertise. From mods and coils to e-liquid, they know the ins and outs of every product they sell.

E-liquid (known also as vape juice) is made with a combination of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and whichever flavoring agents the manufacturers decided to use to alter the taste and smell of the vapor. E-liquids don’t all contain nicotine and, if you prefer to avoid the substance, there are plenty of options to choose from.

If you are looking to buy vapor juice wholesale, look no further. Kingdom Vapor offers a range of e-liquid options from trusted brands. They get new products over time from companies offering seasonal products and new releases. Brands represented include FLVR, Lemon Twist, Strawberry Queen, and Fresh Pressed, to name a few. Kingdom Vapor offers a wide array of different flavors; there are your standard fruity flavors, but then there are also some flavors that are pretty far out-of-the-ordinary. Here you can find e-liquid flavored to taste like breakfast cereal, milk and honey, or even a deep-fried vanilla-frosted spongecake. Variety like this is certain to satisfy any clientele.

One best seller at Kingdom Vapor is Keep It 100 Eliquid. This brand offers a vast variety of flavors including Blue Slushie (with or without icy menthol), Krunchy Squares (which is flavored to emulate the taste of French Toast breakfast cereal), and Mallow Man (flavored to taste like a warm marshmallow sugar cookie). The second highest seller is King of the Cloud, who makes some of the best rock candy and cotton candy flavors around. These flavors include Lunar Harvest (a berries, rock candy, and blue cotton candy flavor) and Solar Harvest (sugary sweet with a little tang, bask in the delightful taste of berries, cherry, and red rock candy). These two top selling brands are just one snapshot of the limitless variety offered at Kingdom Vapor.

In addition to flavored vape juices, Kingdom Vapor sells concentrate nicotine packs, making it simple to add nicotine to any e-liquid. This is extremely convenient for retailers. When you have a customer who is interested in a product, but not satisfied with the nicotine content (or lack thereof), this handy product will be your go-to. Customer satisfaction is paramount to any retailer, and this product will help alter any product to fit the needs of a customer and keep them content.

Kingdom Vapor is a great resource for those who are buying vapor juice wholesale. A retailer selling vapes, accessories, and e-liquids knows that variety and quality are the keys to customer satisfaction. Both variety and quality are top priorities to the people at Kingdom Vapor. Their knowledge of each product, fair pricing, and commitment to promoting quality brands make that incredibly clear. Look to their services to keep your business stocked and your customers happy. For more information, visit Kingdom Vapor online today!

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