Choosing Your First Cheap Herbal Vaporizer

Picking out your first cheap herbal vaporizer is an exciting step into the growing hobby of herbal vaping. Herbal vaping is an excellent way to explore the unique flavors of herbal materials without the health downsides of smoking, and vapor naturally enhances these flavors as an added bonus. With so many herbal mixtures, vaping devices, and customizations now offered by vaping enthusiasts and professionals, it’s absolutely understandable that you might want to start with a cheap herbal vaporizer as your first foray into the hobby.

When choosing a vaporizer, you’ll need to keep a couple of key needs in mind. Since we’re focusing on the cheaper models, we will focus on the biggest differences between the more economical vaping devices. Portability, aesthetics, and capacity are going to be the most significant variances between cheaper models.

Let’s start with the most portable. The most compact vaporizers currently made are pen-style vaporizers. These are also the cheapest vaporizers you can buy. Many people consider pen-style vaporizers to be the most aesthetically pleasing, as they are generally very minimalistic, have customizable mouthpieces, and replicate the appearance of older methods of burning herbs. Of course, that style of appearance is not desirable to all, and there are downsides to the pen-style model, primarily in capacity.

The next style that is popular for its portability is the modkit or handheld style. These are bulkier than the pen-style models, but still small enough to fit in a pocket or purse. They also have increased capacity, and some enthusiasts really like the sleek, futuristic look they are typically designed with. They tend to be slightly more expensive than pen-style models, but not nearly as prohibitive.

The least portable of all the models is the tower-style vaporizer. These are usually just slightly more expensive than the handheld style, and they are large enough that they’ll need to be packed into a carrying bag or backpack. The plus side of these models is that their capacity is considerably higher than any other cheap herbal vaporizer. As far as aesthetics are concerned, the tower models tend to be stylized so as to fit in with other room décor, as opposed to being designed to look sleek in the hand (they are too large to be handheld.) Tower models also have the added bonus of being very good for social use, given their large capacity and flexibility of function.

Choosing between these three most popular vaporizer types is simply a matter of balancing your own preferences. If you’re looking for something ideal for group hangouts or relaxing social events with other vape enthusiasts, it might be worth purchasing a cheap tower-style model. If you’re looking for something to use while out and about, though, a pen-style is probably best. Finally, if you’re looking for a nice balance between portability and capacity, a handheld style just might fit your needs and bring you an enjoyable, well-rounded first experience.

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